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Reading Body Language Attraction: His Eyes Will Tell You If He's Attracted To You

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Reading a man's body language say will tell you more about how attracted he is to you than anything he happens to say will.

His eyes can show feelings, and speak a thousand words without him saying a word. They are the windows to his soul.

His eyes will tell you how much attraction he feels for you if you pay attention to them.

Here are some surefire signs of attraction to watch his eyes for.

When we look at someone we are attracted to our eyes dilate, so look into his eyes and take note of the size of his pupils.

Just remember that our pupils will enlarge in a darker room to allow more light in, so keep that into account when using the size of his pupils for an indication of attraction.

He will be focused on you if he's interested, however if he's shy you may notice him looking down or to the side frequently. So if he doesn't seem to be looking at you as often as you think he should then check his pupils again, not only to see if they are dilated, but try to tell if they are focused. A glazed over look means his mind is on something else beside you.

One final note on the eyes. If you are the type of woman that he's attracted to, he will quickly scan from you from top to bottom and back up again when he first sees you. This only takes a moment and you will need to be quick to notice it, but it's a natural reflex all men have.

Once you get good at interpreting what his eyes are telling you it will become easy for you to judge what his true feeling for you are. Like they say - The eyes don't lie.

Once you get good at interpreting what his eyes are telling you it will become easy for you to judge what his true feeling for you are, especially if you watch for signs of attraction in his facial expressions

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