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Rihanna future TMJ problems on right jaw? Will she listen to Oprah?

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Rihanna was caught between a "hand and a hard window of a sports car." Having said that, only she and her dentist will know for sure what damage was done to her TMJ on the right side of her upper jaw. Weather she will be undergoing extensive prosthodontic surgery with the use of llocal anesthetics as she ages, is too early to even guess at a clinical diagnosis.

TMJ disorder is a complex condition that affects the joint connecting one's lower jaw to their skull. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, contains the joint socket and muscles used for chewing and speaking. Also referred to as TMJ syndrome or Temporomandibular disorder. TMJ disorder happens when these joints become compromised, often as a result of trauma caused by an accident, teeth grinding, known as bruxism, or teeth clenching.

Some studies report that women in their childbearing years account for 90 percent of TMJ disorder sufferers. So why are women more vulnerable to TMJ disorder. One reason might be because of the presence of estrogen; estrogen has been linked to problems with jaw joints. Women who take oral contraceptives containing estrogen may experience jaw pain as a result. A deficiency in magnesium, more common in women, may also lead to increased jaw pain. Scientists also say that women may be more prone to dislocated discs, which can then trigger TMJ disorder. Women are also traditionally more prone to seek clinical opinions far more readily than men.

We have recently seen what emotional trauma is capable of doing in the world of celebrities. Although Michael Jackson unfortunately suffered both physical and emotional abuse, it was over a time as opposed to an acute affect of a jaw being smashed (like Rihanna's) within the confines of an expensive darkened and probably re-enforced window of a Luxury Maserati sports car.

Very little is known of Rihanna's past, almost to the point of being intentionally excluded. In spite of sudden rise to celebrity status, her name is never associated with Barbados ( her birth island) in the same way as Bob Marley with Jamaica or Paul McCartney with Liverpool. This article will shed some light and readers will have a better understanding of how fortunate Rihanna was, after a simply question to her companion Chris Brown who was also a rising and popular star in the rap music world on the evening of her prestigious invitation to the Grammies.

Rihanna was born of mixed parents on the island of Barbados. While it is not known whether her farther of Irish descent is married to [her] Rihanna's mother, the family name is Fenty. Robyn Fenty (born February 20, 1988), performed under the name Rihanna, started off as a Barbadian singer and model. Rihanna attended Combemere High School but did not complete all her courses before being spotted by a record producer called Evan Rogers. Rihanna relocated to the United States at the age of sixteen to pursue a recording career.

The Fenty family like any of the original Irish descendants make their living by fishing and growing produce from land which they inherited from the days of the Caribbean slave trade. Many of the offspring of these mixed slaves went on to post secondary education around the world such as the U.K, U.S and Canada. Some returned while other preferred to remain in their newly adopted countries. An example is the grand parents of Eric Holder, the attorney general of the present U.S administration. His grand parents emigrated from Barbados at age of eleven. Eric was born in Brooklyn, U.S and continued his college education in the U.S.

Barbados is singularly of coral formation and void of volcanic peaks. The island could hardly be detected and being slightly to the east of the islands chain, this made it difficult to be easily spotted by sailors of those times who were plundering the Islands for tobacco and other precious metals. Barbados therefore geographically was denied the diversity and mixture of the richness which most of the other islands enjoyed by nature of being owned for some time by either one or the other powerful countries such as France, Spain, Portugal or Holland.

Barbados remained exclusively British from its discovery in 1492. It was inhabited by a very small indigenous population of Caribs and Arawack indians, who fought among themselves until the British set up their sugar plantations. The island was now mostly African and Irish slaves who respected and kept their distances. Human nature as it is, eventually broke down and intermarriage became quite wide spread. Rihanna is a direct descendant of this inter marriage which evolved into a highly respected and educated model because they formed the necessary and powerful arterial net work between the British Colonials and the poor workers on the sugar plantations.

Rihanna was gifted and blessed with the right genomes to make the celebrity stage in a few short years. Being a mixture and with her exceptional voice, the world (U.K. & U.S) was hers for the taking. She was quickly spotted by television "talk shows" such as Oprah, The Vu, Jay Leno and Dave Letterman. Now the world was hers and she could name her price. She was accepted, loved and adopted into the kind and caring celebrity world of radio and television.

Enters Mr. Chris Brown, an African American who as was also at the top of his charts in rap music and endorsements He did well at home but lacked the necessary travel outside of the U.S. An almost fatal combination of testosterone, abusive upbringing, youth and deep pockets however escaped him and his rise on the charts moved onwards in spite of his psychological problems. This is a chemistry experiment that should not be attempted at home. His ratings and demand was at the pinnacle with teenagers and he knew it as he looked at his bank statement. The world of youth worshipped him as his pockets became deeper and deeper.

As the relationship grew between Rihanna and Chris, we noticed signs of cultural differences which were far from acceptable. Rihanna is an island girl of less than 20 years in age and was raised with conservative values. She had made it big in the world of pop but without confrontation of the shock and awe of the big cities of the world. Unfortunately however, she was in a way naive of life in a fast moving world.

Disrespect and being taken-for-granted rapidly grew between Chris and Rihanna. Chris had been raised by violent parents without love and understanding. However with luck and good fortune did manage to make something of tattered childhood. As he found his footing and grew in popularity, he started to show his true colors. Chris considered Rihanna somewhat inferior girl from the islands who needed him more than he needed her. He saw himself as superior. His dominance was evident as he showed her off, while maintaining ownership more in line with what is referred to as chattel.

The aphorism intensified when they visited Rihanna's island home of Barbados and found that she could not swim. I guess Chris was expecting a more in your face type of American girl and did not cherish the shyness and quiet pace Rihanna displayed. Compatibilities are more complex than just performing before thousands of fans. There were signs of less and less true love and fascination as he continued to play the field with women of his upbringing. When Rihanna questioned him; that is when Rihanna's right jaw took the brunt of a crash from the hands of Chris to the window of his tinted expensive sports car.

Free advice from experienced professionals such as Dr. Phil, Oprah, Tyra and thousand of fans around the world flooded the mail box of the shy and talented youth as she suffered the humiliation and comforted her broken bones and heart lying on the warm wat

Haynes Darlington M.Sc. PharmD. (CCPE) joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1969. In 1982 he was selected to the dental team to make submissions to regulatory agencies (FDA) and HC (Health Canada) to obtain acceptance for Articaine hcl into North America for Dental use as a local anesthetic. He is highly respected among peers in the field of pharmacology and bio-chemistry. In 1999, Haynes received The Team Excellence Award from The City of New York. The award recognized the value and professionalism of a continuing education program.

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