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Roaches: The Easiest Way to Get Roaches Away

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How to Get Rid of Roaches

No one wants to fumigate their home with roach poison, so finding alternative ways to remove roaches from your home is the most ideal solution to the problem. Unfortunately, because roaches live in such high numbers, it is very difficult to get rid of them with any homemade methods. You can try to take away their access to food, use bright lights in the dark places that they hide, and try ultrasonic devices to irritate them into leaving your home.

Other than that, it is very hard to remove roaches once they have started breeding in your house. The easiest way to keep the roaches out is to not allow them to enter your home in the first place, by using a roach repellent that will dissuade them from moving in.

Roach Repellents

There are several ways you can repel roaches without having to use any toxins. Some of these methods are even homemade, including: 1) Mint Oil -- Mint oils can be found in several different types of store bought roach repellent, and when placed around your home, many roaches attempt to avoid it. 2) Cedar -- Cedar wood is a safe and organic way to repel all types of bugs from your home. Cedar shards alone in some of the more hidden areas of your home is enough to keep roaches from entering your home. 3) Hot pepper sprays -- Spraying hot pepper or leaving chili pepper mixtures around your home is another way to keep roaches from choosing to move in. Bugs and animals are both opposed to the scent and taste.

All of those roach repellent methods are effective at keeping cockroaches away, and they are all low cost and completely safe. You can also try using boric acid (available at the pharmacy). If you boil it until it dissolves, place it is a spray bottle and coat all of your wooden cabinets, roaches will stay away. Any bugs that choose to enter areas where the boric acid was sprayed will dehydrate.

The Best Form of Removal is Prevention

Cockroaches are extremely hard to remove once they have decided to move in your home. By using roach repellent methods so that you never have a roach problem in the first place, you never have to use one of the poisonous roach removal methods that are far more costly and involve a great deal of inconvenience for both you and your family.

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