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Sagem Bleu 351x Mobile - It's for real

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Thanks to the demand oriented economy where consumer happens to be the center of attraction. You would never go wrong if you succeed in pleasing the customer. Sagem has applied the same mantra to its 351x. It has done enough homework in defining the target audience for this new phone. It's smart and simple yet catchy. If you are a middle class office going person who loves listening music of his choice in the bus or in the office but is not willing to invest 4k or above in a MP3 plus camera phone, this one is for you. The phone manages to add an Mp3 player along with an FM radio in just 3500 by slashing down the unwanted camera feature. Another great thing about the phone is that unlike the other phone available in the same range this phone gives you a decent memory to store your music. The phone comes with a 1GB memory card giving you ample space so that you don't have to load a new song list every day. This perfectly fits both budget ad criteria of its market. Well thought Bleu!

Equally surprising is the phone design. For the above price you must be expecting this to be a simple rectangular box but to your amaze it is actually a sleek ultra-slim, 10 mm phone weighing 70 grams. And then there is an elegant looking contour with media buttons on one side. Apart from 1.8-inches 65K bright color display the mobiles has a 250 contacts phone book memory, and can store up to 200 SMS.

But as it is said that nothing is perfect, the phone has its own share of problems. No Bluetooth means you need to transfer music only through data cable included in the package. Also there are few bugs in MP3 player as it shuts down for no reason at all. And lastly you get to choose from only 3 wallpapers. Despite of the above they are one of the best entry level phones giving and excellent value for your money. Talking about the value for money, you now also have an option to go for sagem blue 351x with 128 mb card available just for Rs 1900/-. It a loot on the mobile prices! Overall this phone is a blend of quality, good features and affordability. So get this one out of your next pay check and you won't regret it.

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