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Seattle Travel Tips - How to Tour Seattle and Save Money

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Visiting Seattle on a tight budget can be difficult feat. As with most large cities, there are a plethora of ways to spend your hard earned cash. This article will serve as a guide for getting the most out of your Seattle experience.

Seattle's winter weather is relatively mild, considering how far north it lies. The urban areas of the city don't get huge amounts of snow, but areas outside the city at higher elevations receive a lot of it. One thing is for sure though, it rains a lot in Seattle! The rainy season is November-March but it's not uncommon for Summer rains to occur. A warm day in Seattle is around 80 degrees. It's wise to bring plenty of warm clothing even if you will be traveling during the "warm" months. In summer, you're likely to encounter more tourists and finding deals will be more difficult. May and September are two months in the year to travel where rainfall is low, and the area is generally less crowded.

In addition to the usual online airline searches i.e. Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz etc, check the sites of budget airlines such as Frontier and Southwest. Also check out Hotwire. I've found a lot of great deals on hotels and flights on there. A taxi from the Sea-Tac airport to downtown hotels is around $35 USD. Not pocket change. Fortunately, the public transportation in Seattle is decent.

But Bus #194 Express or Route #174 run between $1.25 and $1.75 during peak periods.

If renting a car is more your style you might consider booking it through the same agency you booked your flight and hotel with because often you will get a discount. Finding a Seattle car rental is usually not too difficult, because all of the major companies have large offices here. If you are a U.S. citizen and are planning to visit Canada, remember that you will need a U.S. passport to come back to the states. Mass transit here is called Metro and includes a large selection of buses.

For the best deals in accommodations, check out hotels just south of the city and near the airport. Hotels in downtown are understandably more expensive.

If you'll be in Seattle for more that a few days, it might be worthwhile to purchase an Entertainment Book with food coupons and discounts on attractions

Pike Place Market is popular spot in Seattle worth visiting. Here you can see giant salmon being tossed and prepped. Believe it or not, the Pikes Place Market is now 100 years old and attracts over 9 million visitors every year. You'll find of shops and restaurants as well. While eating and visiting the market are great, you won't want to park here. Some garages charge 7 dollars an hour to park your car here.

Seattle is also famous for it's Boeing production facility. You can book a tour of the plant for just 15 dollars if you book online.

Mount Rainier National Park is another area worth exploring. It's an 85 minute drive from the city and getting into the park costs $15 but the expensive is worth it.

Get a Seattle City Pass. This is a card that will get you into popular attractions and save you a lot of money from buying what's included individually.

Traveling is expensive, but hopefully with these tips your vacation to Seattle will be a more affordable one.

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