"Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Lying: How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Deceiving You"
by Michael Lee
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Are you looking for signs that your boyfriend is lying? If you are, then you're probably having a difficult time decoding his words and actions. Being in a relationship with someone means that you trust and love that person enough to share a part of yourself with him.

Trying to look for signs that your boyfriend is lying won't be easy, because you're still hung up on all his wonderful qualities. But here are 3 telltale signs that will help keep you on your toes.

Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Lying Number 1: He Has A Hundred Versions of the Same Story.

When he tells you different variations of the same story, then there's reason to doubt. For example, you ask him about how he and his friends spent last weekend together.

At first, he tells you that they went to a sports bar where his friend Jim shamelessly flirted with a waitress. In the second version, it's no longer Jim but Henry who kept chatting with the waitress.

Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Lying Number 2: He Keeps It Short And Sweet.

When he doesn't answer you as lengthily as he normally would, then he may be hiding something. It's likely if he keeps the details to a minimum and doesn't speak much of it at all.

Some guys do this because they think not telling everything isn't exactly lying, while others are just afraid they'd spill the beans by accident.

Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Lying Number 3: He Changes the Topic Abruptly.

Girls have the tendency to prod their guys for answers they don't really want to give. When a guy is lying, he will take the first opportunity he has to change the topic.

This way, you're distracted from asking any more questions, and he doesn't have to lie any more than he wants to.

It's sometimes difficult to tell if your boyfriend is bluffing or being dishonest, especially since you really want to believe he's telling the truth. However, these 3 signs that your boyfriend is lying will help you snap out of it and see your man for who he really is.

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signs that your boyfriend is lying

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