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Signs To Show That He is Attracted To You

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The truth of most issues is reflected by the non verbal cues. It is easier to tell if the guy you have a crush on is into you. It is not hard to know if someone is physically attracted to you if you are a keen observer. Men communicate their interests in mating and their advances can be seen in how they behave. If you want to know if he feels the same way too, look out for the following signs. Are his shoulders are always lifted? If yes there goes a clue. According to biologists, this can also be referred to as cute involuntary movement. It is a good sign that the guy is into you. If you are observant enough, a person who is attracted to you will assume pigeon toes. That means that they want to appear less threatening to you. They like you so much that they think you are too good for them. You intimidate them with what they think you have good in you.

A guy who is attracted to you will have his palms open whenever you are together. This means that he is friendly and open to have a relationship with you. It might also mean that he is attracted to you and wants to be intimate with you. A person who closes his palms sends the message that they are not approachable at all and they are just good friends. Guys are go getters and they will always get what they want. This is why when you see a guy lean their head forward and look at you from under his eye brows you should celebrate. They are too attracted to you and they want you to be closer than you already are.

Another sign that he is attracted to you is when his feet points towards you. Where the feet points the heart follows. That is it important to notice his sitting posture. He will subconsciously try to reach up to you all he can. If his feet are pointing away from you do not dare waste your emotions on him. He is not worth it. Move on to the next hot guy.

If a guy is looking at a girl they are attracted to, the pupils become dilated. According to a study in the University Chicago, this is an involuntary response which does not depend on the increased amount of light in the room. This shows that the nervous system has been shocked with excitement. Stop getting damped when you can read the signs and be the first one to damp him. If you do not see all of these signs, the spark might have gone through the window. Chances are that he is contemplating getting himself some one else who is more interesting. On the other hand, if see most of these signs in a guy you like, do not hesitate. Give him a chance because he is attracted to you. His mouth might not tell you this but his body language cannot lie.

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