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Looking for places to find copyright free clip art for your business products or online ventures? Why pay for subscriptions to expensive clip-art sites when you can find thousands upon thousands of images for free use -- even commercial use? Uncovering these free images sounds like an easy task until you begin the search process. Let's look at some ways to find the exact copyright free graphic for your project.

Type in "free clip art" in a search engine, and you can come up with thousands of sites, some of which only point you to other sites and have no real clip art on them! Finding just what you need for a project can be frustrating!

Several clip art sites specialize in specific types of graphics. Some of these include (free flower pictures and illustrations that you can use if you provide a link back), and (one of the largest public domain archives with images from the Victorian and Edwardian eras). Teachers and homeschooling parents can find numerous sites for educational use like

In order to locate copyright free clip art for your projects, type in the kind of image you're looking for, and the words "free clipart". This technique can help you avoid the directory sites that don't offer graphics. For instance, try searching for free clipart + dogs to locate dozens of illustrations of various breeds. If you're looking for pics for a recipe book, then search for "free clipart + food".

One huge collection of clip art in the public domain can be found at This site has several thousand images categorized in groups. Slightly less user-friendly, but still valuable is, which hosts images that can be used for nearly any purpose except for creating a competing clip art site.

While finding truly copyright free clip art takes a little legwork, the time spent can save you money and high subscription fees. Narrowing your searches can help target the exact image for your book or product as well as investigating large clip art sites that host "truly public domain" images.


Lisa Rae Preston invites you to download your free copy of the Ultimate Public Domain Sourcebook - more than 300 pages of sources for all things public domain, including books, software, comics, radio shows, graphics and videos!

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