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Stylish Custom picture frames

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Stylish custom picture frames. Custom Picture Frames Are An Elegant Choice For Your Fine Artwork

If you have exceptional pieces of artwork that you want to display, be they canvas art, watercolors, pastels, or photographs, then custom picture frames will be your top pick for a frame worthy of surrounding your prized art. Custom frames can be ordered as metal picture frames, wood picture frames and wood photo frames. Any of them, along with excellent picture framing supplies, will make your artwork stand out from the ordinary.

What Goes Into Creating Custom Picture Frames?

The custom picture frames will ask you questions about the size of the artwork and the type of materials that you would like used in the creation of your custom picture frames. There are many different types of woods and finishes that can be applied to custom wood picture frames. Depending on the colors used in your piece of art, you might select a natural, maple, walnut, burgundy, grey, or cherry wood or finish to complete the presentation of your artwork to the public.

You will find available custom metal picture frames, which are ideally suited to wonderful black and white photography. You will find high-end frames come in two distinctive styles of Frosted Silver and Black. The Frosted Silver is an especially lovely choice when paired with a dark mat and a dark photograph. Durable aluminum metal moulding is used to construct the highest quality custom picture frames, and this same metal is entirely suitable for use in custom-built large frames.

Wood photo frames can be custom built to suit your specific art needs. You could select one of the wood finishes or stains mentioned above, or you could go with classic black. Galleries use black custom picture frames with black and white photographs to let the beauty of the artwork not have to compete with an overly ornate frame. You can achieve the same professional look with custom picture frames.

With custom-sized frames you will also need to use custom picture framing supplies including glazing, mats and mount boards. Both mats and mount boards need to be made of acid-free products and preferably be of archival quality. Papers used for mats can be textured or very smooth, so you will need to decide which would look better with your specific piece of art. With glazing, you have a couple of choices. Glass makes wonderful glazing that is very durable and scratch resistant. Unfortunately, it does not filter out harmful ultraviolet rays which can, over time, damage fine art. A popular alternative to glass is acrylic. It is lighter in weight than glass, and is clearer and more color-free than glass. Some varieties are impact resistant as well. Many acrylics also come with ultraviolet light filtering capabilities built right in, so you can be sure that your fine artwork will be protected no matter where it is placed in a room.

Susan Slobac is an avid photographer. Susan believes a picture frame is more than just fashion; it's a safeguard for something you love.

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