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Successful Strategies for a Fulfilling Career: Setting Boundaries in the Office

by Career and Personal Development Coach Krissy Jackson
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Successful Strategies for a Fulfilling Career: Setting Boundaries in the Office

Presented by Krissy Jackson

Date: 9th October
Time: 3pm EST / 9pm Central European time
Place: Webinar - Details will be emailed upon registration
Cost: $25

It is a fact that women tend to experience more difficulty setting boundaries than men do. We're socialized in a way which makes it seem like we're "bad" if we are too assertive. This webinar will teach you easy, but successful strategies for setting and enforcing your boundaries and being liked and respected for doing so.

My clients often comment that they're afraid that if they say "no" or speak out that their colleagues will not like them, or even heaven forbid that they will become the office B**** that everyone loves to hate.

Do you sometimes feel like you are the office mouse? If you worry that you are not taken seriously at work, are afraid speak out when the situation calls, or lie in bed at night kicking yourself for being so timid, this webinar is for you.

The Presentation will cover:

- The definition of boundaries in an office context.
- Why women find boundaries so difficult to put in place
- And, most importantly, what you can do if a lack of boundaries is standing between you and the career success you desire.

Boundaries are critically important to your success in life, both personally and professionally. They define who you are and who you are not. They empower you to value and respect yourself. And, when you do, others will as well. If you want to claim your place in this life, if you want to reach your goals, if you want to achieve the success you desire -- it all starts with you.

Take on the challenge -- I guarantee you that the rewards will be well worth it.

You will learn:

- How to set and enforce your boundaries and be respected for it
- How to train others to respect your needs
- How to delegate with ease
- How to say yes and no -- keeping everyone happy including yourself
- How to under promise and over deliver

Click on the "professional boundaries" link below to Register now!

Career coach Krissy Jackson, CPC, specializes in working with women in IT and communications who want to take charge of their lives and careers. From career planning to promotions, from time management to transition strategies, Krissy empowers her clients to design and develop their careers on their own terms. Known for her straightforward coaching style and her ability to focus quickly on key issues, Krissy has attracted a global client following representing a variety of industries. To read more of her articles and career coaching tips, visit

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