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Swim with dolphins Jekkyl Island, Georgia

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I travelled to Jekkyl Island as a child during Easter vacations. Unlike Florida, the weather was not hot enough for swimming yet in the ocean. An ideal time to go to Jekkyl Island would be in May for turtle watching, or closer to summer months when it is warmer.

Jekkyl Island was originally an island for wealthy patrons. The residue of their lifestyle is still seen on the island, with Victorian mansions and homes (they call them summer homes and cottages). The Jekkyl Club Hotel is an example of an 1886 bygone era - the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts and Morgans era. The rates are comparable to others, and as far as I'm concerned, better than a lot when you realize this hotel is one of the top 500 resorts in the world.

The island might have well been named Sea Turtle Island, because starting in May, the female sea turtles can be observed making their way from the sea and up to areas on shore to dig nests for laying their eggs. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center stationed on Jekkyl Island is established for this protected species, and provide opportunities for tourists and residents to join in a walk on the beach with a guide, to observe the amazing ritual these turtles carry out each year. Children should be monitored closely as the turtles cannot be disturbed during their season of laying eggs.

Once you've had enough of the beach and need some speed, drive to the Golden Isle speedway, which is 25 minutes away, in Waynesville. They have a site for prices and dates of events.

Driftwood Beach is known for the successful shelling, better some say then beaches in Florida. There is the Villa By the Sea hotel with comparable rates, a pool, playground, and horseback riding available at Victoria's Carriages nearby. Watching dolphins swimming in the water will only make this experience more enjoyable.

For those days when you want to get off the beach and engage in other activities in the area, try the Summer Waves Waterpark. The Pirates Passage is supposed to be incredibly fun for kids and adults alike. If you haven't enjoyed a wave pool before, here is your chance. The rates are very reasonable and worth checking on their website.

For golf and bike enthusiasts, rent at the Mini Bike and Golf Rentals. Bikes can be rented at approximately 11.00 per day, and there are 20 miles of winding trail to enjoy on the island.

To top off the day, enjoy the Low Country Boil Buffet on the harbor, with enormous meals catered by SeaJay's Waterfront Cafe. Adults are 15.00 and children are 7.50 for ages 10 and under.

Searching for that family beach vacation ideal location without leaving the continental U.S. nor spending a small fortune. Don't overlook the lovely Jekkyl Island, Georgia for everything a family could want. familybeachvacations

swim with dolphins: swimming with the dolphins

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