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Switching Between PowerPoint Presentations

Switching Between PowerPoint Presentations by
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Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to work in several presentations at one time. This gives you the flexibility to use information from one presentation to another, quickly look up how you worded something in a different presentation or simply get ideas from a different presentation. There are several ways to switch back and forth:

1. Using the menus:
        ~ Click on Window in the menu bar. A listing of open presentations will display.
        ~ Click on the presentation in which you want to view.

2. Using the keyboard:
        ~ To move to the next open presentation hold down the Ctrl key while you tap the F6 key.
        ~ You can continue to tap the F6 key, while holding down the Ctrl key, to rotate through all of the open presentations.

3. Use the Task Bar in PowerPoint 2000 and 2002
        ~ A PowerPoint icon will be displayed on the task bar for every presentation you have open. Click on the icon to switch to that presentation. Hint: if you place your mouse pointer over the icon (hover, don't click) then the name of the presentation will display. If you have not saved a presentation it will simply state Presentation1 (or a different number depending on how many presentations you have been creating).

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Beth Sunny is a writer, publisher, and computer trainer. She owns Software Training Resources (STR), a courseware company known for their "QuickSteps to Learning" training manuals. STR launched an exciting web site in January of 2001. The web site is specifically for the Computer Training Industry - The site offers a place for individuals in the Computer Training Industry a place to advertise their business, correspond with others in the industry, find training products, and discover software tips and read great articles relating to computer training. Visit the site today!

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