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The 17 Success Principles: Pleasing Personality

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Napoleon Hill describes a pleasing personality as the personality that attracts. He says that “your personality is the sum total of your own characteristics and appearances that distinguish you from all others. The clothes you wear, the lines in your face, the tone of your voice, the thoughts you think, the character you have developed by those thoughts – all constitute part of your personality.”

Whether you render personal services as a profession or sell commodities, you need a pleasing personality to record any meaningful success. People like to do business with those whom they like.

The development of a pleasing personality starts with taking inventory of your habits with a view to change the bad ones and replace them with better habits and make improvements in your good habits. This should be a continuous process.

It is important to be considerate of others. Being genuinely interested in other people and respecting their dignity is one sure way to develop a pleasing personality, the personality that attracts .

Give others the chance to speak and listen to the other people's views. Do not bore others with tales of your problems and misfortunes. Do not minimize other people’s achievements or try to press too much in making yourself look too important in their eyes. Do not gossip or collaborate with gossipers. Instead develop the habit of passing compliments.

Enthusiasm also aids in the cultivation of a pleasing personality.

Above all, observe the golden rule; treat others as you would like to be treated. If you treat others the way you would like to be treated, you will not worry about whether people like you or not.

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