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The Abundance of Being Thankful

The Abundance of Being Thankful by
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When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, they were thankful. They had a vision of coming to a new land and starting a new life. They were dissatisfied with their lives in England and hoped that the harrowing journey across a relatively uncharted ocean would bring them to the life they had been dreaming of.

They landed at Plymouth Rock where the real work began. They had to build homes, defend themselves and forage for food, all of which had to be done before the oncoming winter. Without food, they would die. Thankfully, the Native Americans taught them how to grow plants such as corn. They harvested the food and had plenty to share. Being grateful for their bounty, they sat down with family and friends in thanksgiving for what they had received. Their dreams were being realized.

Every year we give thanks, as our forefathers did those many years ago. We spend time with friends and family. We eat until we just can't eat one more bite of turkey. It is certainly a time to be thankful for everything we have as we look forward to another year of abundance.

So why do it just one day a year? Are we only thankful for our abundance in November? What about the other 364 days of the year?

The act of being thankful is an extremely powerful force. The pilgrims remembered this and immortalized it with their historical meal. There may be historical disparities of exactly what they ate and who attended, but one message is clear and that is of being thankful.

We can bring the abundance of being thankful into our lives everyday by simply remembering to thank the Universe for delivering what we ask for. This has the power to bring even more abundance into our lives.

When we affirm to the Universe that we are grateful for receiving what we want, the Universe responds by sending even more abundance to us. This is the Law of Attraction at its best. When you hold positive thoughts and feelings, positive experiences are attracted to you.

An acquaintance, Lesley, is struggling with this concept. She feels that her life has been predetermined and that she cannot do anything to change it. She is unhappy in most all aspects of her life. I asked her the other day, "Are you happy?" At first, she tried to say she was, but quickly she was in tears. I explained to her that she had many positive aspects of her life. I reminded her that she is at choice, and everything in life is a choice. I explained that if she feels she is not worthy of abundance, then that is what she can expect to receive in her life. If she can begin to affirm that she is worth being successful, happy, and healthy, she can reap abundance. It is her choice. I just know she will make the right choice and I can't wait to celebrate with her when she can truly thank the Universe for her success.

So while you eat your turkey, remember that on Friday, you have the opportunity to continue being thankful every other day of the year as well.

Successful author, entrepreneur, speaker and inspirational coach, Eva Gregory teaches new ways of being that leads to taking action only from inspiration for a more fulfilled, balanced and effective life using the Law of Attraction. To learn more and find out how Eva can help you, visit her websites now at and

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