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The Best Love Making Positions

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Is there such a thing as the best love making positions? Well, yes there is, but its definition is dependent on a variety of individual factors for each couple and the goal that you'd like to reach. It varies from couple to couple and also from one lovemaking session to another.

What is best for a couple with one particular body type may not be best for a couple with a completely different body type. If you'd like a position that encourages a lot of intimacy, it will not be the same as one that will take you for a ride on the wild side.

If you're feeling particularly romantic today, your choice will certainly differ from someone who is feeling like a wild animal tonight.

Someone who is flexible and athletic may engage in a variety of positions that others would find completely impossible or very uncomfortable.

It also depends on whether you're male or female. Not all positions are created equal. Women and men don't always synchronize on which position is most pleasurable.

So the keys to finding the best love making positions for you and your partner is education, experimentation and awareness.

There are hundreds and hundreds of possible love making positions to explore, so have fun and do so.

Pick up a couple position guides or videos and learn everything you can about them. Discover the unique benefits that each position offers and which type of pleasure you're most likely to achieve. Identify which positions are most pleasurable for men and women. Uncover exciting ways to put a twist on your favorite position and turn it into something entirely new and unique.

Then take what you learn and put it into action. Experiment, and be aware as you do so, to find which ones work best for you mechanically, which ones help you achieve the pleasure you desire, which ones help you feel closer to your partner etc. Build a list of the best love making positions that work for you and continue to build and change the list on an on going basis.

Experts report that most couples fall into a rut and use the same position over and over, instead of exploring the many possibilities that are open to them.

The most satisfied couples are those who have an extensive buffet of positions to choose from and mix them up quite frequently. They remain adventurous and open to exploration and change.

Cynthia Perkins,M.Ed.,is an adult sex educator helping couples have better sex and deeper intimacy. She is also author of the hot sex guides for couples "The Lovemaking Smorgasbord and "Smoldering Embers." Visit her at Helping Couples Have Great Sex for more free tips, advice and secrets to improve your sex life.

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