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The Causes of Adultery

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What is adultery? There are two definitions to it. The act; a married person commits adultery if he or she physically engages in sexual acts with someone who is not his or her spouse. The thought; a married person commits adultery if he or she has a lustful desire for someone other than his or her spouse. In other words, it means unfaithfulness to their marriage vows. Knowing the meaning of adultery, what causes this to happen? What sort of impact does he or she received that made them commit adultery?

A person commits adultery when there's something that triggers them to act, and defy their own vows that was made during their wedding day. A lot of possible reasons can cause adultery. A simple example would be physical attractions. A married couple lived their first few moments together being a happy husband and wife. Knowing that they'll live the rest of their lives together, accepting each other as they are and just be themselves, is one of the cause of adultery. Basically, it's about physical attraction.

The husband starts drinking every weekend with his buddies, and converts his six-pack into a beer belly. Or the wife doesn't keep herself in shape after the first new born baby. When they see each other, there will be less appealing to each other. Thus, less sexual attraction. Imagine the husband constantly keeping himself in good shape, but her wife has been slacking off, eating non-stop, not taking care of herself. The husband will start to find that she's getting less attractive, and his sexual desires towards her wife starts to deteriorate.

Which leads to the mental adultery. The husband starts looking at other attractive women, and starts to compare them with his wife. Thus, starting to build up this lustful desire towards other women. And this is the beginning of all sorts of marriage breakdowns. Infidelities, cheats, dishonest, break of trust and faith, you name it.

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