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The Top 20 Video Submission Sites for Maximum Visibility

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We recently had a wonderful trailer produced for the book EDGE! A Leadership Story. You may view it here:

In going through this process, I have discovered that there are about 20 video sites that are tops for getting great visibility, and I want to share those with you. If you don't want to load these manually, you may want to check out Traffic Geyser ( for submission help.

Here you go...The top 20 video submission sites according to Bea:

1) Google Video

2) Yahoo Video

3) Atom

4) Photo Bucket

5) Crackle

6) Veoh

7) You Tube

8) My Space

9) VSocial

11) Vimeo

12) Daily Motion

13) Motionbox

14) Metacafe

15) AOL Video

16) Bolt



19) Revver


This article was authored by Bea Fields. Fields is an Executive Coach, Speaker and Author and the President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc. and the Founder of Five Star Leader Coaching and Training. She specializes in Leadership and Team Coaching for high growth companies, non-profit organizations and medium-sized businesses. Fields is the co-author of Millennial Leaders: Success Stories From Today's Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders and EDGE: A Leadership Story.

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