"The Top Bakeshop in the Philippines"
by Christine Layug
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Filipinos love cake. Most occasions and celebrations are not complete without a cake to celebrate with. It's one of the reasons behind the success of the very popular Red Ribbon Bakeshop, one of the leading bakeshops in the Philippines.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop started in 1979 with a store in Timog, Quezon City. It was originally driven by the love for a hobby which eventually grew into a proud Filipino-owned and professionally-run business network.

After years of successful operation, Red Ribbon Bakeshop was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation in October 2005. It is quickly becoming the biggest and fastest-growing bakeshop in the Philippines with their great-tasting food and cakes of superior quality. All their products use premium ingredients like real butter, high quality cake flour, and their unique Red Ribbon cream.

They have brought their cakes within easy reach with their innovative cake delivery service and their franchising program which started in September 1999. All the Red Ribbon stores, whether franchised or company-owned, follow strict quality assurance measures of international standards.

Below are some of the famous Red Ribbon cakes that you can find in most of their stores.

* Chocolate Mousse * Black Forest * Coffee Walnut Bavarian * Mango Cream Pie * Mango Passion * Belgian Chocolate Bliss * Blueberry Cheesecake * Choco Mocha Crunch * Chocolate Cake * Chocolate Marjolaine * Dulce de Leche * Mango Cake * Mocha Cake * Rocky Road * Tiramisu Meltdown * Ube Cake * Ube Macapuno Cake * S'mores Chocolate Cake * Cookies and Cream * Sansrival * Coffee Crunch

If you would just like something smaller than their regular cakes, they have the following cake rolls:

* Mango Cashew Roll * Chocolate Roll * Custard Roll * Mocha Roll * Triple Chocolate Roll * Ube Macapuno Roll

Of course, they also have the following pastries that are favorite pasalubongs.

* Mamon * Chocolate Marble * Banana Crunch * Brownies * Butter Cake * Chicken/Pork Empanada * Cinnamon Roll * Ensaimada * Mango Bars * Mocha Mamon * Sylvannas * Taisan

They also offer the following delicious meals that can be bought for dine-in or take-out.

* Grilled Porkchop * Daing na Bangus * Salisbury Steak * Dinuguan * Palabok * Creamy Carbonara * Cheesy Lasagna * Spaghetti * Chicken Lollipops

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The Top Bakeshop in the Philippines

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