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Things To Do For a Talent Show

Things To Do For a Talent Show by
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So many people want to have fundraisers and are tired of the same-o,same-o. So how can you spruce up your fundraisers so that people will attend and actually give to the cause?

It is highly recommended that you host a talent or variety show. It is a tremendous way to bring in revenue, to tell your story and to add more donors and stakeholders. Whether your charity is a church youth group, school, or nonprofit orgaization, talent shows work and can be a tremendous success.

The part in which people struggle is what and who to have in the show. What will bring in guests and keep them interested?

Here are the top five things to do for a talent show.

1. Plan Plenty of Variety. Sometimes talent show is intermixed with variety show. There is a reason for that. A talent show IS a variety show, or at least it should be. Who would want to listen to two hours of vocal solos from the same types of groups? Good as they may be, boredom can set in and decrease your giving substantially. You can include: music of all kinds, dance groups, jugglers, acrobats, comedians, short game show events, skits, humorus commercials , story-tellers, prizes, door prizes, celebrity guest surprize appearances, clowns, videos, testimonies, and much more.

2. Make Your Emcee Part of Your Entertainment! Find someone funny, witty, or at least charming! It's even better if your emcee has a special talent. It could be singing, telling jokes, riding a unicyle, juggling or anything, as far as entertainment goes. Then your emcee can not only speak and announce, but entertain as well. That takes up some good time and keeps things focused.

3. Include Exceptional Musical Numbers. Locate the very best talent that you can, and have someone who really knows music help make the selections. Include country, jazz, blues, bluegrass, opera, Gospel, patriotic, rock, swing, dance, old-time and pop music. Or if it's for teenagers, include rap, and alternative music. Be sure to schedule both vocal and instrumental numbers. Just make sure there is something for everyone.

4. Make Your Stage Sizzle With Group Numbers/Talent. Nothing brings in a crowd like a crowd of entertainers. It doesn't matter if it's a teen show choir or a senior citizen skit. If there are children involved, there will be Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, aunts and uncles, and other relatives. And they all donate!

5. Leave your audience wanting more! Always start and end with a big finish. This will bring aueince back for next years performance. Have so much fun at your show that people will remark that they couldn't believe two hours had passed already!

If you do these top five things for your talent show, your giving will increase and you will begin planning the show for next year!

Want to learn the successful details of holding a talent show? Go to: talentshow

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