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Top 10 Skills For the Modern World of Work

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Top Ten Skills For the New World of Work By Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed.

There are many changes coming in the world of work, such as increased competition, the need for more education and certifications, and the trend to change careers 5-7 times in a lifetime. No matter what job or career path you decide to take, there are some basic skills that all employers look for. To succeed in the modern world of work, keep your skill set up- to- date. The following is a list of the top ten skills needed for the new world of work.

1. Communication Communication is the ability to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas in person, on paper, and over the telephone. It involves listening to others and being open to other viewpoints and opinions. What communication skills can you develop?

2. Creativity Creativity is the ability to think and act “out of the box.” To be creative is to discover new and innovative ways of thinking and doing things. How can you be more creative?

3. Technology Understanding technology is the willingness to utilize computer systems, the latest software, etc.. Embracing technology means using the computer in your daily life and on the job. What do you need to embrace technology?

4. Team Work Team work is the ability to work effectively in a team situation. It is being able to utilize the right people to get the best results and being willing to lead and to follow. What do you can you be counted on to bring to a team?

5. Flexibility Flexibility is the ability to “go with the flow.” To be flexible, you change on an as-needed basis, with the ability to “change hats” frequently. How can you bend and stretch more?

6. Information Management Managing information is the ability to know where to get needed information---to search, locate, and retrieve it. This may involve utilizing various resources, whether they be people, printed materials, or the vast world of technology. Where do you need to go to get the information you need?

7. Self Management Self management is the ability to manage oneself in personal and professional situations. When you manage yourself, you are able to respond appropriately to stressful situations. How can you more effectively manage yourself?

8. Customer Care To care for the customer is the ability to care about the needs and concerns of other people, especially those you serve. It is to “go the extra mile” for your customers or clients. In what ways can you go “the extra mile” for others?

9. Character To have character is to project a positive image by acting in a manner that reflects trust, confidence, honesty, and integrity. What kind of character do you want to project?

10. Personal Development To develop personally is the ability to continuously improve upon one’s skill set. It is to be dedicated to lifelong learning. How can you commit to lifelong learning?

It is never too early to develop these key skills. And,with practice and commitment, you will become the kind of worker employers are looking for.

Michelle L. Casto is a Whole Life Coach, Speaker and author of Get Smart! About Modern Career Development: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Life’s Work. (770) 281-4606.

Michelle L. Casto is known as The Soul Diva. Diva in Sanskrit means “shining, light of God.” Michelle knows there is a divine spark within every human being that longs to be fully ignited and expressed. She works with people who are unsure about the next best step to take in life and helps them by building a bridge to their inner self and then uses that connection to tap into the wisdom of their own souls. With these foundations in place, she coaches them through all of life’s changes and decisions. Through a revolutionary process called soul excavation, she teaches the 6 Life Mastery Lessons. (Shine, Integrate, Dance, Communicate, Seek, Decide).

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