"Importance of Transformer Oil Testing"
by Sapna Rawat
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Before, starting the importance of oil testing for a Transformer, It would be better to highlight the importance of electricity. Electricity is a major part of our day to day life. Most of the things are working through electricity. Either you are working at home or in your office you need electricity to work well. We are very much depended on electricity.

Every day lots of electricity generated through various sources whether it is wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy etc. Power Transformers are use to regulate the distribution of electricity. These Power Transformers are important to distribute the electricity a per the requirement, Therefore Industries having Power Transformer should go for the regular Transformer services.

Transformer Oil testing is the most important part of transformer services. Transformer Oil also called insulation oil because it helps to keep transformer cool. The transformer oil is highly refined mineral oil which remains constant when the transformer temperature is high. Therefore for proper working Transformer it is important that your Transformer oil should remain pure and should be regularly changed.

There are lots of laboratories which are providing oil analysis and testing services. The testing includes analyzing of oil purity and chemical composition. The testing is done on the basis of IEC, ASTM, IS and other methods. Transformer oil testing basically includes 9 parameters. These are:

Electric Strength (BDV) Water Content (PPM) Tan Delta Resistivity Acidity Sludge Flash Point Interfacial Tension Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

Regular oil analysis is useful in monitoring the condition of Transformer parts. Oil testing also enables you to detect the other possible problems in Transformer. Regular testing increase your transformer's age, helps to regulate your cost, serves as a dielectric fluid and heat transfer medium, saves on replacement costs, cuts downtime and improves customer service.

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Transformer oil testing

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