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Truck Driver Health Issues

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Recently a new study showed trucking as one of the top ten most dangerous jobs in America. Due to the endless hours of driving by our nation's truckers, constant visibility on our highways and interstates creates a high danger of being involved in a major accident. However, these risks are far greater than the irregular schedule, sitting for long periods of time, bending and lifting heavy objects, stress, fatigue and not eating properly maintained meals can lead to serious health issues.

Because of these long periods of driving, many drivers fighting boredom also grow accustom to smoking habits and along with sleeping in a vibrating truck and working long hours and receiving minimal rest, physical problems can become far greater than those within the general public.

In the United States, 20 percent of truck crashes are the direct result of over worked and fatigued drivers. Fatigue is also causing breathing disorders and sleep apnea in many of our over the road drivers. Also, women drivers show no difference from their male counter parts for suffering from these same health issues. In fact, our women truckers are fighting such health issues as backache, hypertension, headaches, sinus problems and problem in vision, with backache being the number two health problem for truckers. Fatigue, is still number one.

There are simple steps you can take to insure a path to better health :

1. Control your blood pressure 2. Quit Smoking 3. Know the signs for a heart attack 4. Make healthy fast food choices 5. Exercise while out on the road 6. Know the signs for a stroke

Here is an excellent resource for getting on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. Magnesium plus Calcium is known to be an great supplement for providing stress relief and fighting insomnia, as well as a large number of other factors.

The road to health is your choice. Life on the road is tough....but with the right attitude, better health can be waiting for you right around the next corner.

Allen is a 30 year veteran and expert within the trucking industry. He has written dozens of articles , helping students and new drivers to be successful by avoiding the scams of many truck driving schools and trucking companies. He is the original author of the well known book, The Truth About Trucking ...He is also the host of the radio talk show: Truth About Trucking "LIVE."

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