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Turn Your Computer Into a Money-Making Machine

by Harvey Green
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The Internet is turning out to be a money-making machine for those who know how to tap into its unlimited riches, according to Internet entrepreneur Harvey Green.

Harvey recently launched, which highlights the best businesses entrepreneurs can invest in to join the thousands of people worldwide who are making extraordinary money with the Plug-In Profit Site program.

"The Plug-in Profit internet marketing solution is catapulting untold numbers of ordinary people to create wealth they never dreamed of or thought possible," Harvey states. "I urge everyone to invest in your future by putting this turn-key system on autopilot for you and your family and enjoy life."

PIPS takes the best affiliate marketing programs and combines them into a single powerful business that has impressive results. Those who sign up receive a free traffic-generating website that is customizable to the entrepreneur's needs. Even someone with limited computer skills will be able to get their own website on the net and be ready to bring in several streams of income from proven affiliate programs in a matter of a day.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the money-making potential of the Internet should first read Stone Evans's "Dotcomology: The Science of Making Money Online." Stone Evans created the highly successful PIPS business. The 325-page e-book is free to download from the site without obligation.

In addition, visitors to the site can sign up for a free one-year subscription to Harvey's highly-read newsletter, Home Business Tips. The newsletter, a $147 value, is delivered via e-mail and is filled with important information to help any entrepreneur succeed.

For more information, go to:

For more information on how to get your own Complete Money Making Site Setup Free visit

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