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Using Free Alternative Email Service for Good

by Jhon Good
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Today if we want to get in touch with someone, chances are higher that you'll contact them by email rather than by regular post. Email has become one of those essential things in life that one just can't do without. To be able to send or receive an email you obviously need a valid email address and there are plenty of email providers around the Internet to provide you with this. Temporary and permanent, free and paid-for email services are all available, and which you choose depends on your personal preferences and requirements. If, for example, you need POP3 access, an email address with your own domain name, you will need to go for paid email service. Otherwise a free email service will do just fine. Let's take a look at the trends in free email services.

Anyone is looking for a free email service effective spam filtering, a fast interface, desktop email program access and more. And all features can be found in web based free email service, not from your computer based. With web based free mail services you don't need a local e-mail address, nor an email program. Web based email services provide you with a user friendly but slower web-based interface, so you only need a web browser on any computer to receive and send mail. Email is not stored on the local computer, making this a great system for accessing your email from any where on any computer.

The downside of a web based interface is that it's relatively slow, since each action requires you to load a new page in your browser. And with the web based interface you have to stay online while reading, typing and sending mail. If you handle a lot of emails daily, the web based system is less suitable. Using a non-local e-mail address - web-based or otherwise -- is recommended because this way you will always keep the same address for your business relations and friends no matter how many times you change your local Internet provider, or move to another area or country. However, there are some things to keep in mind, while signing up with these services.

Finding the right free email services isn't difficult since there are a lot of free email service around the internet. Most free email providers make their money by showing you advertisements, such as graphical banners that you see as you collect your mail from their site, text messages that appear at the end of your email messages, pop-up and pop-under ads, or by sending advertiser messages directly to your email box. Occasionally, smaller providers offer free email as a community service, without any advertising.

Sometimes free email hosting services offer premium email at a cost as opposed to advertising supported free email or free web mail. Email hosting services thus differ from typical end-user email providers such as web mail sites. It's your choice what type of email service you want to use. Each type has its own features to compete one another.

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