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Using a Real Estate Purchase Agreement When Buying a Home

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A real estate purchase agreement is a short and comprehensive contract between the buyer and the seller which needs to be signed by both the parties on time of trading any real estate property. A corporate style agreement can be quiet long and requires complying every legal standard while a single home agreement paper can be short and straightforward created only for two interested parties. Using a standard purchase agreement is very important while doing any property dealing as it provides you a legal base for your right on the property. Without proper paper work, you can never prove your right on the property you purchase in case your ownership is challenged in the court or in any other case.

The basic format of a purchase agreement outlines the name of both the buyer and the seller and identifies them by their social security number. The format also states the intent of both the parties involved and lists the address and details of the property. A legal description is stated within the format in a standard form that describes the nature of the property and any other technical details involved with it. Besides that the paper also includes all the extra features included for sale with the property like furniture, housing fixtures or any other tools or equipments to clarify the overall the area of property. It is mandatory to include all the items listed for sale in the purchase agreement so that any legal case can be settled in future which arises concerning the right over the use of property.

The second part of a standard real estate purchase agreement states all the financial terms of the agreement. A space is left to show the initial deposit of the property, total amount of cash exchange, any other legal fees required to be paid as per sale of the property, any debts taken against the property and finally the total amount of the property.

The written agreement between the client and agent must be properly detailed before any transaction takes place. In most cases the real estate agent may convince you to deposit as much money as possible but there is no fix amount you should deposit before signing the contract and every contingency are made. It's true that a seller might ask you for bigger amount of deposit but it's all up to you how much you deposit while purchasing the property.

Always clarify in the agreement on who will pay for what. You should clearly mention what fees you will pay as a buyer and what will be seller responsibility. If the agreement does not states any thing the seller will automatically pay the entire fee incurred during the process of deal.

In most cases when you buy a house you cannot pay in full in cash, you will have to apply for a loan with a bank. Do remember that a pre approval from bank does not guarantee that you will get a loan, so make sure that you include the condition precisely in the contract.

Check every other terms and condition mentioned in the contract before signing it. There might be other issues specific to your deal so you need to include special quotes within the agreement to address the particular issue. Always be specific and precise of what you want from the deal. Never hesitate to keep your point or you may have to face serious problems after you purchase the property.

A real estate purchase agreement is the back bone of the industry and without a proper and legalized agreement you can never prove your right on your purchased property so always do insist on legal procedure and follow the rules specified by the law.

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