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Honolulu, HAWAII -- Aug 4, 2009 an online travel certificate company is about to blow the doors off the vacation certificate industry by giving away an estimated $1.7 million dollar home in Hawaii. There are a minimum number of certificates that need to be purchased which makes sense. Customers are automatically entered into the drawing with their purchase(s.)

The reason this caught my attention, is the company also wants to give $500,000 in proceeds to help fund education. Hawaii schools really need the funding. If that wasn't enough to grab your attention, they are also offering $10,000 in cash for every 5,000 certificates sold! So, should they sell 500,000 certificates world-wide that's 100 winners taking home $10,000 each -- kind of their own stimulus package.

The minimum number of certificates that must be sold before the home is won is 250,000. Their site says "However, at this price point for the certificate(s) as it relates to their value, speculators are suggesting we could reach that number in just California buyers alone." I'm beginning to think so too and why not? We've all blown 50 bucks before. Why not get a great vacation certificate and have an opportunity to win any one of their amazing prizes. Plus, there is that underlying "feel good" aspect of knowing that some of your money is going to help fund education in the islands.

This promotion is virtually worldwide starts August 1, 2009 and goes through October 1, 2010. The site offers some "Intel" on how and why they are giving away the home. How they can afford to sell certificates valued at $2,000 for $49 plus $1.95 in shipping for each order. What's nice is they don't hide anything from you. They actually highlight things you migh otherwise miss. See their FAQ's page. It's solid. No games. Stipulations yes, (that's the nature with all certificate offerings) but no games.

This is taken from their cover story page "For as little as $49 (plus $1.95 shipping) you could be the proud new owner of a million dollar home in Hawaii and receive a certificate for an exciting vacation of your choice. And no, this is not a gimmick or scam in any way (see rules for details.) We would like someone to win this home and here's why. After receiving rave reviews on the incredible value our vacation certificates provide, we'd like to move to a whole new level of marketing -- by taking them to the world. Thousands of individuals have already enjoyed taking cruises, flown to Europe, or relaxed on the beaches of the Caribbean or the Hawaiian Islands -- and they keep coming back for more. We figured the best way to launch this expanded marketing effort was to give-a-way something big -- really BIG -- where it could be passed on throughout the Internet community. So we decided to put up an amazing million-dollar home in Hawaii for one very lucky winner." And, a lot of cash I might add . . .

Should they reach their objective, various public schools will receive their money on December 25, 2010. "This would make for a very nice Christmas for some of our local educators and students," the site says.

I really like what they are doing here. They have a sharp site, real attractive offer, not one but several huge "give backs" for customers, education and of course that amazing home. If you haven't seen their site yet, go to and see for yourself. It's impressive. And don't hesitate to pass their site along as well, they are forthright in asking you to do so. This is noted on their cover page; "WHERE YOU CAN HELP: We would appreciate you passing this website ( with a short note to all your friends and co-workers on your email list, via Facebook, twitter, or MySpace pages. This way, they too can have a chance at winning and or going on an incredibly affordable vacation."

Feeling lucky? Want to take a break? Go ahead take a look for yourself. For the price of a lousy dinner for two, you could get the certificate of your choice and have a chance at winning some serious cash or that amazing Hawaii home. Good luck to anyone taking the company up on their offer . . . sounds like a win, win for all at

Christopher McMahon has a 29-year career in advertising and marketing and implementing various marketing initiatives for both online businesses and traditional retailing.

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