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Philadelphia's west side, West Philly Grounds is the place to be. There, Claire (Jennifer Love Hewitt) serves wisdom along with coffee and scones. The clientele comes to her with advice in love, life and careers. But even the neighborhood's favorite gathering place has a dark side.

Kerala Café has ten directors at the helm, each of them making a film of their own on a single theme called yathra or journey.

Kerala Café, for your info, is in fact a modest tea stall at a railway station and certain characters from each of the films are somehow connected to it. It's a nice concept, perhaps inspired by movies like Paris, je t'aime for instance, but the best thing about it is that the directors have held it together with some excellent ones and some okay efforts.

Among the ten films, it is perhaps Anjali Menon's Happy Journey that stands out with its intelligent use of the allotted time. A heartening, simple tale has been well told by the director. The film is set inside a bus with an insurance surveyor (Jagathy Sreekumar) with a roving eye, trying to make advances on a pretty girl (Nithya Menon) sitting next to him. But she turns out to be really smart for the man to handle.

Director Anwar Rasheed's Bridge talks about two parallel tracks, the first one involving a young boy and his pet kitten. The other story has a son (Salim Kumar), who lives in poor surroundings, deciding to leave his ailing mother (Shanthadevi) in the street. With amazing technical brilliance, the director takes things to an altogether different level and stamps his presence quite effectively.

Makal, directed by Revathy, is about the flesh trade which is happening under the guise of adoption. Sona Nair and Sreenath have done the main roles. Some of its situations are predictable, yes, but it has its moments and that hugely works to the film's advantage.

Puram Kazhchakal, directed by Lal Jose, is based on C V Sreeraman's book and narrates a bus journey where people of different mindsets, purpose and nature go along for a while. Mammootty and Sreenivasan play the main characters in it. Mammootty looks quite subtle and different from his normal self and as it happens, surprises everyone with the final shot. We start a journey back from then on in our own minds and that is exactly what the film intends to convey. Watch Cafe Movie Online

The main attraction about director Uday Ananthan's Mrityunjayam could be its genre, horror. It has some mystery surrounding an old illam and despite the warnings of the tirumeni (Thilakan), a young journalist (Fahadh Faasil) comes there for an investigative story. Anoop Menon, Meera Nandan and Rima Kallingal are also part of the proceedings. There are some loose ends but here is a film that looks different from the rest and catches the viewers' attention quite easily. Netwebsite.In Is A Free Movies Website Where You Can Watch_ Cafe _ movie_Online

Nostalgia, directed by M.Padmakumar and based on R Venugopal's poem Nattuvazhikal, zooms in on a typical NRI. Johny (Dileep) is all nostalgic about his motherland when he is in Dubai but once he reaches Kerala, he is an altogether different man, cribbing for virtually everything that comes his way and that sadly includes his parents as well. Navya Nair plays his wife. One gets the feeling that the director has gone for a conventional format to narrate the story here, without going for some cinematic experiments.To View The Full HD free_movies_online_for_free

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