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Why Getting Paid To Watch Videos Growing More Popular

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Discover the secrets behind the fast growing trend of watching videos for pay. Yes, the high unemployment rate is helping. But there's more. See the ways more companies are attracting and keeping members by under promising and over delivering.

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Why Getting Paid To Watch Videos Growing More Popular

Viral marketing is one of the fastest growing promotional trends on the internet. Everyone knows this, unless they've been living under a rock for the last year. Companies are scrambling to make the next popular viral video that explodes their product, service or business.

But lately many companies have made the often costly mistake of spending hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars producing a so-called viral video without testing it properly. Now smart companies have discovered it's a good investment to pay online users to watch videos they produce before they make a larger investment.

More legitimate companies have hired average users to simply watch free videos and get paid for writing their opinions, good or bad. The range of information requested varies from a one page checklist, multiple choice questions to a 3 page form that ask more specific opinions or thoughts. The more detailed information requested the more companies pay. Still others offer prizes, vacations, laptops, smartphones and other expensive gifts in addition to cash payments.

Other companies offer drawings for free cruises and even end of the year grand prizes of $100,000. So, the million dollar question is why would a company pay people to watch online video and give their opinion? Because more companies are discovering this as a wise investment that will save them far more money and time than they pay to others. It's a win-win for everyone.

Most of these companies are household names anyone would recognize, others are new companies in exploding industries, and some are companies in new niche markets. But one thing they all have in common is they recognize the power of user opinions. And they feel so strongly about it they're willing to pay people with cold hard cash for telling them the truth about their video.

A few major companies conduct these programs on their own. But most outsource these duties to companies who specialize in screening, hiring, training and paying members to watch videos for free. Beware of companies who charge to join or pressure members to purchase a membership, etc. Legitimate companies never charge for this. That's what makes this trend so popular for more people. For example, the unemployed , students, housewives, or people looking to earn extra income.

The videos range from a Kim Kardashian video to a public service message.. That's another benefit people find attractive about watching videos for pay, the variety. In addition, a new trend that's also catching on is video targeting, where the company matches a members interest with videos. The only drawback to doing this is less opportunities to earn money. But many companies still offer the choice to it's members.

On average most can start earning the same day they join. Another benefit is many companies pay weekly and even daily. So, this gives a person a chance to evaluate and experience the process and the pay quicker than most so-called money making opportunities. But one word of caution. There's been a recent rise in shady companies promising get rich quick profits and other exaggerated claims. In addition, most ask for money to join, purchase their secret program, book or the like. Because the purpose for sharing this message is to help others make money not spend it, avoid these companies.

To be honest, plenty of legitimate companies will give the same information and opportunities to earn money to watch videos for free.

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