"What Are the Main Differences Between Cross Cut and Strip Cut Paper Shredders?"
by Jeff McRitchie
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Once you've decided to buy a paper shredder, the next step is determining which type of paper shredder you should buy. While there is no single perfect solution for everyone, this article provides a comparison of cross cut and strip cut shredding machines so that you can make a decision that is right for your life and your needs.

The first thing most people want to know about a shredder is which kind provides the most security. The short answer to that question is that cross cut models(also known as confetti cut, diamond cut or micro cut) provide a much more secure cut than strip cut shredders. Because of recent developments in technology, there are now software programs that can recreate information from paper shreds. Cross cut shredders make it much more difficult to piece shredded information back together. If you handle extremely sensitive papers, you should look into a document destruction solution that has been approved by the Department of Defense or the National Security Agency. These high-security paper shredders offer the highest level of protection for your sensitive data and cut your documents into such small particles that they are virtually impossible to ever reassemble.

Another consideration in choosing a paper shredder is its speed and capacity. Equipped with identical motors, a strip cut model will work faster and accept more sheets than a cross cut machine. Because the cut is simpler, shredding is faster.

Many paper shredders are equipped with bags to handle waste as soon as documents are shredded. An additional way in which cross cut shredders differ from strip cut paper shredders is in the volume of waste (paper shreds) each creates. Because cross cut shredders shred the paper into smaller pieces, their waste takes up less room. This means that you change bags less, which increases productivity. In fact, cross-cut models will often produce two thirds less waste volume than strip-cut models.

Maintenance is also an important aspect of choosing a paper shredder. The good news is that paper shredder maintenance is simply a matter of oiling the machine. Paper shredder oil is inexpensive, and both types of shredders use the same oil. Cross-cut models need to oiled after 30 minutes of shredding. Strip-cut machines can go twice as long before being oiled. If you don't oil your paper shredder, you could end up burning out the motor and replacing the machine. Oiling your machine will enhance its performance and longevity. As a general rule, the smaller the particles that your machine produces the more that it will need to be oiled.

Of course, price is an important factor in choosing any piece of office equipment. In general, confetti-cut machines cost about ten percent more than straight-cut models. However, remember that confetti cut machines are also a little slower than straight cut systems. This means that you may want to look at a machine with a slightly bigger motor, which could end up costing you about 25% more.

One thing that both cross cut and strip cut shredders have in common is that they are each available in a variety of capacities. Shredders range in capacity from shredding a single sheet at a time to handling over 500 sheets at once.

Choose a paper shredder based on the volume and sensitivity of paper you need to shred, your commitment to maintenance and waste disposal, and your budget.

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