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What To Do When You're Being Spied On With A Hidden Spy Camera

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As you may know, a hidden spy camera can be a very helpful tool to make you feel safe and secure. But what if they were used against you? What will you have to do? Here are things to remember if you suspect someone is violating your privacy.

Do Not Lose Your Cool

When you feel someone is secretly spying on you using a hidden spy camera, remain calm. Just go with the flow and act naturally. The people who are monitoring you will quickly split when they realize that you are on to them. If there is a police officer nearby, get his attention and ask for help. If you can, pretend to call a friend and dial 911. Be very vigilant when spy tactics are used.

Protect Your Home Front

Your family is an easy target for people who like to snoop around. This is particularly true for families with members who hold top positions in the government, or in big-name corporations. Infidelity is a leading cause of the invasion of a household's privacy. Covert actions involving infidelity cases may be justified. Still, it is better to talk things out rather than to spy. It should only be as a last resort that a doubting wife will employ a private investigator to spy on her cheating husband.

Sit Perfectly Still And Listen

If you suspect that a hidden spy camera is placed in your room, sit still and listen for sounds that spy cameras make as they operate. Contrary to what most people say, even the most advanced spy cameras do not work silently. Listen for these sounds at the dead of the night when everyone is asleep. It will be like listening to the ticks of your clock, except that you would be listening for sounds as the hidden spy camera pans and tilts. When you have spotted where these cameras are, call the police. Look For Subtle Changes

When there are small changes to things, chances are that there is a hidden spy camera behind them. Learn the habit of taking mental pictures of the stuff at home. Make sure that you remember how things were the last time you saw or used them. A personal radio that's tuned to a station different than usual can be a tell-tale sign. Calculators and pens that are "out of place" are good indicators that someone is using a spy camera on you. Signals coming from mini spy cameras can also mess with your TV reception. Call the cops when TV signals at your home are frequently interrupted. A spy camera can also be placed in walls and in ceilings. Make sure to watch out for tile debris or any sign of tampering.

Act rationally, and do not let your paranoia get the best of you. When there's no motive, there is no reason to suspect that you are being spied on. Still, it is better to put your suspicions to rest by asking a professional to do a bug search on your home.

Do you have questions about your hidden spy camera, mini spy camera, or wireless spy cam? Go to to learn more!

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