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What Would You Do With $100,000 Grant?

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Would you start a business? Support your non-profit agency? Get a college degree? Build a house, or just fix up that tattered little hovel you call home? The list goes on and the opportunities are limitless!

Private foundations donate millions of dollars to help people, non-profit organizations and worldly causes every year. Government and Federal grant money stimulates the economy making our nation and our citizens stronger and more productive. This money is comprised of billions of dollars of privately donated cash and tax dollars. YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

Most American's are unaware that there are millions of dollars in our country's budget designated to inspire and support small businesses, educate American citizens, and to improve and maintain the general welfare of our country and that there are millions of dollars donated by corporations and private foundations that go to the right people: the ones who ask for it.

Even the people who are aware of these funds, don't know where to begin to acquire them, or don't think that they would possibly be awarded free money from the government. Even if you aren't a needy child, there are organizations designed to help YOU open that little vegetarian café you've been dreaming about all these years.

It just sounds too good to be true . . . and you never have to pay it back?!?

Actually, it is true, and the reason most people will never see a penny of this money, their own tax dollars, is because they don't know the procedures to follow to make it a reality. If you've ever Googled government grants, or grant money, you probably gave up pretty quickly. It's unbelievably overwhelming and time consuming not to mention the sheer volume of illegitimate grant scams that exist to try to lure you in with the promise of huge free money, only to find that it cost you $100 to never hear from them again.

I can't say that I ever heard of a grant for sale!

So are you still dreaming of opening that café and quitting your boring desk job? Tired of spending your hours and breaking your back so someone else can get rich and spend another week in the Bahamas while you squint below the neon lights, quietly inputting numbers into databases? YUCK! You need a plan and you need the funds to make your plan a reality. Grant money is there for the taking.

How will you get your hands on some of this cash?

You can spend hours and hours online researching the thousands upon thousands of public and private agencies who are offering grants, weeding through the scam artists and spammers, to zone in on the (hopefully) legitimate ones who's criteria match you or your group, fill out the application, write up the proposal, track the proposal, decipher the responses . . . and still wonder, OR you can let someone else do that for you while you plan your cuisine and pick out curtains and floor tiles.

Increase your chances of attaining a grant by allowing a professional to assist you. Using a grant writer can make all the difference. Professional writers who have been trained and well educated to obtain all of the information that the grantors are looking for and match that up with the right individuals or organizations to bring money to the people who need it are the people you want on your side.

You want someone writing your proposal who will present your request so that it will jump to the top of the pile upon being reviewed; writers who understand what the grantors are looking for and can verbalize your situation in such an eloquent manner and highlight all of your more prominent circumstances to augment your probability of approval.

Do you know what a grant proposal should look like? Do you know that there is a certain format that needs to be followed? Can you submit a project description and a budget? Oh, you didn't know you needed that?

It really can be the difference between getting that $100,000 grant or giving up on the search and your dream at the same time.

It seems attainable. The money is there and there are grant researchers and grant writers to help you apply and collect the money. The government and private foundations want you to have it. So what is still holding you back?

You'll never know until you try, and regret carries heavier than failure.

About the Author:
USA Grants Inc. has the answer to all of your questions. They want to help you, so as soon as you realize that your dreams really and truly can be a reality, let them help you get the process in motion.

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