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What font does the facebook logo use?

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Puzzlement has engrossed web design and social media sites all over the net. The question that looks as if to come up time and again: What font does Facebook use as it's site logo? In truth, it's been a question I too have had on my mind in recent times. I often wonder about many of the large-scale website logos and precisely the font they choose to become a part of their brand, what that site will be perceived instantly for.

A font employed in design is very individual. As a designer it is vital and can often be a large roadblock when it comes to the font that will be used in a logo or in any design piece as a matter of fact. fonts used should be approximate to what the design is trying to express or what it stands for, it's meaning, it's purpose. It all needs to transpose, the design elements as well as the font used. For example, the Facebook font is clean, professional, simple and in my opinion converts well to what Facebook does as a service.

Now, on to what you really want to know about: What font does Facebook use? The short answer is that there is no font that is exactly what Facebook utilizes. In order to get the Facebook font look and feel you will just have to do some good old fashion exploring. There is a deep array of fonts that look very alike to the font used on Facebook but the truth is that not one of them are exactly what you want. Some may suggest that Facebook's graphic designer naturally stretched, moved, distorted, or recreated the font to convey the company better.

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