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What to Expect at a Free Vacation Timeshare Presentation

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If you are in the market for or are just interested in learning more about how a timeshare works it can be well worth taking one of the many free vacation timeshare trips that the industry makes available. If you aren't quite sure what a timeshare is in a nutshell they allow you to buy into a piece of vacation property, such as a condo or beach home, that you share the use of with other investors. You will have to adhere to a specified schedule as to when you use the property but it can be a good way to save on lodging costs if you like vacationing in the same area every year.

The main marketing thrust of the timeshare industry is to offer potential investors a free 2 or 3 day vacation at one of their offerings. This gives you the opportunity to not only check out what that particular timeshare has to offer but you also get a free mini vacation out of the deal.

The main thing to expect if you do decide to attend one of these free timeshare sales presentations is some pretty pushy timeshare sales people. A free vacation at a timeshare will require you to attend a "sales" presentation that can last anywhere from 90 minutes to most of the day depending on the sales pitch. But if you are serious about possibly buying one of these types of vacation packages this is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how they work.

You also need to remember that signing a contract to obtain a timeshare can be a major monetary investment. It will be a monthly item in your budget for the length of the contract so be sure to read everything before signing your name to any legal documents. A good thing to remember is that the people giving the presentation are sales people so it is possible to haggle for a better price just be sure that anything agreed on show up in the official contract before you sign.

This will also be a high pressure sales environment because the people giving the presentation are compensated much like any other pure sales person is. They are given commissions and travel discounts based on how many timeshare units they sale. So be forewarned that you will find pushy sales people at one of these presentations.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't attend a free vacation timeshare event because while you are a potential customer you still maintain control of any and all transactions that may occur. And if you don't like what you are seeing and/or hearing you are perfectly within your rights to leave. Just because you have attended the timeshare sales presentation doesn't mean that you are obligated to purchase anything. And once the allotted sales pitch time is up you are free do with your time whatever you wish.

If you do decide to purchase a timeshare they will do a credit check much like a bank does for any type of loan. You will also need a valid ID and a credit card to put down a deposit. Never offer cash for a deposit because it is much harder to get back if you back out of the contract. Many timeshares also have a minimum age requirement; usually in the at least 25 or 30 years of age range. A timeshare is a vacation investment so don't feel like you have to make your decision to buy right then and there. If you like what you've seen and heard get the proper contact information so that you can think on your decision for a few days before making a final decision. They may not like that but it is your money and you must be comfortable with your decision. It's much like buying a new house or car; take your time to make the right decision.

Attending several free vacation timeshare presentations can be a great way to find that perfect vacation spot that you'll enjoy over time. And if you decide that timeshares aren't for you at least you get a free trip out of the deal.

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