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5 Step Kindle Creation and Publishing System

Stop pulling your hair out wrestling with Kindle creation. Save money on outsourcing to formatters and graphic designers. Use Marnie Pehrson's simple 5-step system for getting your Kindle book on Amazon fast.

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Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

Touch More Lives By Transforming Your Knowledge & Expertise Into Information Products and Programs

  • Are you feeling like it's time to create the impact you're on this planet to make?
  • Would you like your own programs and products that deliver your important message, system or method out to the people who need it most?
  • Are you ready to see lives change for the better because of what you have to share?
  • Do you feel it's time to smooth out your cash flow?
If so, I invite you to join me for my next "How to Create Information Products and Programs" hands-on training where I help you actually create your product in a LIVE setting. Find more details here.


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