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Urban wear has now been with us for a number of years. It is an outgrowth of the hip-hop culture, and by extension, of the "extreme" sports universe. If you are a fan of hip-hop or are into extreme sports, then you know exactly what is is meant by urban wear.

Urban wear is bold, fresh and expressive of the hunger and in-your-face fearlessness of the hip hop generation. Urban clothing is distinguished by trendy looks, controversial designs and an up-to-the-minute look.

Urban Wear Goes Designer

From the very beginning designers of urban wear have been concerned with creating "designer" fashions. Just looking "urban" is not enough. New designs must be aggressive, flambouyant and in your face. Of course urban clothing must always look youthful, but at the same time most urban clothing designs have been serious in their own way and always conscious of projecting an "I got my issues" image.

Some recent trends in urban wear have lightened up quite a bit - acknowledging that urban wear - and the attitude projected by the entire hip hop crowd - is just like most other trends: more imagined than real. As designs began to migrate from the rapper-inspired, and usually rapper-owned design shops to more established, mainstream labels the transformation was almost inevitable. It is not credible (or even desirable) for mainstream labels to pretend they are downtrodden and unhappy with the status quo. They are the status quo. And so are their customers.

Brands such as Akademiks, Rocawear and Ecko are identified with the urban clothing trend and are known for designs inspired by the street culture that gave rise to both rap and urban clothing designs. In fact many of these labels were founded by rappers themselves, in an attempt to cash in while translating their image and notoriety into their clothing designs.

Meanwhile newer companies such as Vokal have expanded the urban clothing label to include high end velour, fleece loungewear, denim, and vividly colored athletic jerseys. Another company, Baby Phat aims at creating a blend of hip hop style with more sophisticated metropolitan fashion to create a refined urban look.

This is nothing new. Co-opting fringe trends is what the fashion industry does best. It is simply trying to cash in on the way different groups of consumers follow different trends. And it only makes sense to go after people with the time and money to pay high prices to make a suitable impression.

Wholesale Urban Wear Market

On the other hand, the fact that the world of urban wear is transforming itself so quickly and so regularly has led to the development of a wholesale market in urban wear. Since urban wear designs change so frequently and manufacturers need to remain ahead of the curve in order to stay profitable, they are usually quite happy to sell large lots of the last set of designs for very low prices.

As a result enterprising clothing merchants can buy up sizable lots of over stocked items and sell them in large quantities - often on the internet. These items go for much lower prices than you can find in most retail urban wear specialty stores.

Some web sites will even sell wholesale urban clothing in quantities as small as four or five. This allows consumers to buy three or four items for the price of one. And it is ideal for people seriously interested in staying with the fashion trends. They can essentially replace their whole wardrobe for a fraction of what it would cost if they bought their clothing from trendy retailers.

Visit for hundreds of items of wholesale urban clothing. Rick Hendershot develops innovative ways to create website traffic.

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