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Why I Hate New Year Resolutions

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Since I wrote a book about goal achievement and self improvement, it might seem a funny thing for me to say that I hate New Year resolutions.

But I do.

Here's why...

If I asked most people what their New Year resolutions were, they might say something like 'lose weight' or 'give up smoking.'

If I then asked whether they thought they'd stick to them, the answer would be a smiling 'of course not.'

*That's* why I hate them.

I don't hate goal setting at all, but this typical New Year scenario flies in the face of 2 essential steps in the goal achievement process, and tends to tarnish the whole idea of goal achievement with that jokey 'doesn't work' tag.

It doesn't affect me, but since it's a passion of mine, I do find it frustrating to see people get so close to real change in their life, only to thorw it away at the last minute.

Ok, let's delve a little deeper into the flaws of New Year resolutions. To set the goal of 'lose weight' is not good enough. It's needs to be much more precise than that. You need to decided how much weight you will lose exactly, and set a date by which you will lose it. Once you have set those 2 specific targets, it will become clearer as to what steps you need to take to achieve it.

To set the goal of 'give up smoking' does have by definition a target in there, no more cigarettes, but you also need to set a target by which you will start your program, otherwise you get into the 'just one more' syndrome. By setting a date target, you can then work out your plan, including the research into the facts of the addiction, and get some affirmations ready!

The second flaw of New Year resolutions is the smiling acceptance that they won't last. Of course there is no better way to *guarantee* they won't last than telling yourself they won't!

An essential part of goal achievement is belief, not only belief that the goal will happen, but a belief that you are worth the end result, that you deserve it. Instead of saying they won't last with a smile, you can then keep the same smile, but this time say that you know they will last because you said they will!

Hopefully you can see the difference between goal setting which is directed to fail, and goal setting which is directed to succeed.

I write all about it in my book, and you can also get my free 8 Step Goal Achievement plan, and while you read it, remind yourself why I hate New Year resolutions!

Gordon Bryan is the author of 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!' which has been described as 'motivational magic'. Read about it and grab his free 8 Step Goal achievement Plan at:

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