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Win a Free HP Slate Tablet - Test and keep hp slate for free

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Actually wonder how retail chains and industry gurus constantly get there hands on the latest devices at no cost? Witnessed the brilliance of the HP Slate and now want one for yourself? Can you get a free apple ipad completely free, yes Free!? Read on...

Apply Now for free HP Slate for testing and keep with you.

There is no better way of promotion that offering consumers with the latest cool gadgets to test and review. The HP Slate itself is fast becoming one of the best sellers of this year, with many tech guru's showing off there latest ipad units via YouTube and showing the world the wonders that this neat device can bring. Believe it or not you can have your very own HP Slate, and the best thing about it is that you won't be expect to fork out big money to have your very own unit. Yes, you heard me right! You see, companies love feedback and with this valuable feedback they can try to improve on future iterations of the product in question, a win win situation for both parties.

Amongst the huge amount of offers on the web that need you to refer people in exchange for 'tokens' which enable you to get any gift you could possibly imagined, there are also a wealth of promotions that enable you to test the new HP Slate absolutely free. Having experienced your free HP Slate you then get to keep your unit in exchange for bad and the good feedback, which is most importantly sought after by big companies like Apple. As the Slate is a fairly new device this is the perfect time to get your free unit for free, no hidden catches, no fluff.

Who said the best things in your life don't come at no cost? Who ever Told that was clearly misguided! Become an appleHP Slate tester today!


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