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Work From Home - 3 Terrible Lies

Work From Home - 3 Terrible Lies by
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Are you searching for a work from home opportunity? Walk with me now!

Has this ever happened to you? Picture this, you are surfing the internet, then you see this ad:

work from home.
15 Rebates a Day = $106,300 Per Year!
Start earning today.

But, you quickly brush that aside and continue browsing the internet, when suddenly as you hover around your mouse over the underlined text, this attractive box suddenly appears with the following text content:

25/hour work from home.
Apply, start working today.
No experience necessary. TF/PT

Now the 25 per hour looks attractive especially - the idea that all you have to do is work from home. You think and toss this idea for a minute and as you are about to click on the link out of curiosity. Here comes your child running with a phone on the hand -- aunty, aunty - - on the phone.

So you pick up the phone and for then next 10 or so minutes you get engaged in a lively conversation, you talk and whine about the increasing gas prices, how your boss is so demanding and unappreciative and all that kind of blah blah talk we all reserve to have with someone close.

By the time you hang up, your computer monitor is displaying your default - lousy - attractive - favorite...screen saver.

Naturally you then shake the mouse and then pick up from there. Of course by now, you don't remember a thing about the work from home ad that had moments ago caught your attention.

By now it's almost time for you to get to bed -- remember it's a week day and you have to wake up at five in the morning and get ready to hit the road before the morning traffic spoils your mood for the rest of the day.

But as is always your culture, you open your Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail account just to see if there is any thing new.

Aha this ad's are everywhere.

As you are about to close your mail box here comes another one:

I got scammed 21 times.
Avoid work from home scams.
I will show you a legitimate job.

You innocently click on the ad and before you know it for the next week, you find yourself clicking one ad to the next, getting convinced, becoming excited and eventually you find yourself buying one work from home program to another, jumping ship to any other opportunity that comes along.

Before this happens to you here are three basic lies "about work from home job opportunities" that you should be aware of.

  1. There is no free money online. You will have to work hard to make money online. Yes you can make a living online working from home, but be prepared to do what it takes.

  2. Set up a website within minutes. Anyone can have a website; it's not a big deal anymore. What is important though is this simple question, is your website generating targeted visitors.

  3. Most work from home programs on the internet are either outright scams or disguised affiliate programs. Run as fast as your fingers and mouse would let you when you start to see claims like auto pilot program, automated sales, 24/7 free traffic and such outrageous claims.
There you have it, 3 basic lies you will see over and over again in most work from home ads as you serve the internet.

Let me also be quick to point out that there are people earning their living online, yes it's possible to work from home and make a living but be careful on which program you choose.

Do not be deceived. Get a free 5 day action guide to help you develop a master plan for your home business.

Joseph Nyamache quite his job, runs his home business for a living.

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