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How to Tell Your Wife is Cheating - 4 Signs That Your Wife is Cheating on You

by Kirsty B. Stella
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If you gut is telling you that your wife might be cheating on you it's important you sure that you have proof before you accuse your wife of adultery. Accusing your wife of having an affair when she isn't can have devastating consequences to your marriage and in most cases irreversible damage.

How To Tell Your Wife Is Cheating Signs

1. Avoiding Physical Contact If you find that your sex life is no longer where it once was it's time to look deeper. More often or not cheating partners will make up excuses as to why they can not have sex, some of these reasons can range from plausible to outright ridiculous, it doesn't take much to determine whether her reasons are valid or another excuse on a long list already provided.

2. Constantly Fighting, Arguing, A Short Temper Does your wife seem more anxious and moody than ever? There are many reasons why people maybe "off" during different times in their lives but if you find you and your wife seem to be fighting over everything and anything you must do you best to keep your emotions in check. If your wife is cheating on you she maybe overly critical of everything you say or do, including what you may not be doing.

3. Constantly On The Computer, Secret Email Addresses, Contacts The computer is an easy way for a partner to communicate with someone if they are cheating on you. This is because she can easily hide emails and other communication programs from you that she maybe using, if your wife seems to be on the computer more often and for longer sessions, especially long after you go to bed, keep an eye open.

4. Sudden Need To Change Her Physical Appearance If you find that your wife is suddenly more conscious about her physical appearance such as her weight, keep an eye out for shopping habits such as new clothes, make up and her joining a gym suddenly. Be on the look out for sexy clothing, perfume and other items you have never seen.

Learn How To Tell Your Wife Is Cheating Discover the signs that your wife is cheating on you and learn how to catch your cheating wife. Discover the truth and get the proof that you wife is cheating on you before you accuse her. Remove all doubt by discovering the truth and learn the signs that your wife is cheating today.

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