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Kyani Review- Is The Kyani System A Scam?

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Kyani seems like a brand new network marketing company, but they arrived on the scene in 2005. Recently, they expanded Internationally as well. The company and the Kyani System seem poised to take the mlm world by storm. This article will reveal if Kyani and the featured blueberry product, will make you rich, or just make you "blue".

Based out of Idaho Falls, idaho, the company was regally funded by two Idaho families. In fact, rumor has it that the business had a backing of 300 million dollars before it was ever launched!


That kind of moolah explains why Kyani is taking off so fast. Sound financial backing is CRITICAL to the success of any network marketing business.

The primary market for the company products are health conscious baby boomers. They offer another in a long line of "muscle-bound" juices and Omega-3 supplements.

Nothing new.

The company does have a unique "spin" on the berry juice in that their product is derived from blueberries. That source is a first as far as I know. These are no ordinary blueberries, rather they are Alaskan wild blueberries. These mega-nutritious little dudes are the "Incredible Hulks" of the berry family!

It seems all those hard Alaskan winters have caused these blueberries to grow thicker skins. The skins are packed with "nuclear powered" anti-oxidants, which explains the relative health and longevity of Alaska's native people.

Kyani also offers a product rich in Omega-3 fatty acids derived from Alaskan Sockeye salmon. Heart healthy, to say the least!

The creators of the Kyani System are the company co-founders, Michael Breshears and Dick Powell. Both of these gentlemen are experienced in a wide variety of entrepreneurial ventures, in addition to vast mlm experience. The company seems quite distributor "friendly", offering multiple training call opportunities and nationwide meetings and events.

The cost of getting involved has two options. The starter kit costs 95.00 and allows an individual to buy the products wholesale, and sell them at retail. With this option, distributors cannot take advantage of the Kyani System,and the multi level marketing opportunity.

In order to take advantage of the 3X7 forced matrix compensation plan, the tarif runs 495.00. For that money you recieve a business planner and a wide variety of products. The plan features matching bonuses that make it attractive to a new distributor. The beauty of the 3X7 matrix is it features no breakaways. The legs basically go on to infinity. Just for good measure, when a distributor reaches the "Executive" level, they are eligible to drive a paid for Cadillac Escalade!

In conclusion, the Kyani System is certainly far from a scam. In fact, the company seems quite solid both financially and in terms of the management team. Kyani seems to have a very agreeable company "culture" that gives good support to the distributor. The juice is not inexpensive, averaging between 55.00-75.00 for a 32oz supply. The testimonials for the products are impressive, which would make them well worth the investment. It was nice to hear that so many have benefited from the products offered by Kyani.

Michael Hutchins is a Professional guide at Renegade University, the FREE members only site where students can EARN CASH while learning cutting edge Internet marketing skills and online selling strategies. To learn the secrets of achieving REAL residual income that 97.9% don't know, and only the mlm "heavy hitters" understand, subscribe to Mike'sFREE weekly newsletter

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