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The Most Expensive Wheelchair In The World -- What makes it so special?

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Personal mobility technology has progressed to such an extent that the newer generation of wheelchairs have abilities that are simply astounding. Gone are the days when one had to choose from a very small selection of wheelchairs. Some companies have poured lots of money into research and development in order to come up with even more refinements. One such company is Toyota which has created the most expensive wheelchair in the world.

The Toyota i-swing is considered to be most expensive wheelchair available because of the technology that has gone into creating it. It can shift from a two wheeler mode when the street is full of people to three wheeler mode, which enables the user to move much faster. It has a stick control in addition to a pedal control which gives greater maneuverability.

This machine has a specially designed low-resistance urethane body which has been covered in cloth. This has been done especially to reduce the impact in case it pumps into a pedestrian.

One of the reasons that make the i-swing the most expensive wheelchair available in the market today is that it utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable it to learn and store the habits and preferences of its users. It also has a lot of fun add-ons such as a full color LED display on its door. The user can change the color of the display and even project images on to it.

Don't think that the use of this wheelchair is limited to only disabled or elderly people. It can be used as personal transport even on normal roads. Another great place to use it is in car free areas of cities, particularly in tourist or historic sections of the city. In time, prices are also expected to fall as the technology improves.


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