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10 Proven Steps For Cat Urine Removal

by Laura M Wright
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Do you have a problem with your cat urinating inappropriately in your home? Perhaps your cat is not using the litter box or is spraying to mark their territory leaving a urine odour. Don't panic! Here are 10 steps that you can take to ensure, not only that you clean up the urine stains completely, but also that it never happens again.

1. Finding the stained area can sometimes be difficult because the urine comes out in a stream and seeps deep down into the carpet backing or furniture padding. Using a black UV light might be helpful since the actual urine spot may be no larger than dime.

2. Mark the spot with masking tape. If the urine has soaked right through you may find it necessary to lift the carpet in order to clean the pad and the floor beneath.

3. Soak up as much of the cat urine as you can by pressing down really hard on the area with plenty of paper towels.

4. If it has already dried, then moisten it first and then soak it up with the paper towels.

5. Mix two parts of warm water with one part of distilled white vinegar. Apply this mixture to the stained area, rub it well in and allow to dry completely.

6. Dampen the area with clean water and sprinkle plenty of baking soda and work it into the carpet with a brush. Allow this to dry completely for several hours, or perhaps even overnight and then vacuum the area.

7. If the cat urine odour still exists, then repeat step 6 again to completely eradicate it.

8. Cats enjoy their privacy so encourage them to use their litter box by ensuring it is kept clean and is in a quiet spot away from people and other animals.

9. Get your cat checked at the Vets to make sure that it does not have a urinary tract infection as this can cause the cat to urinate uncontrollably. Try to catch your cat in the act to see if he is showing any signs of pain while urinating. Blood in the urine is also a sign of a urinary tract infection.

10. If your cat is spraying to mark their territory it could mean that your cat is stressed. Try and find out what is upsetting the cat. It may be feeling stressed by unfamiliar faces and people, moving home, other pets or unfamiliar objects such as new furniture.

Remember that if your cat is urinating all over the house there is usually a reason for its behaviour. You should try to figure out what this reason might be because this will solve all your problems and leave you with a happy cat.

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