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The internet make easier than ever for people to buy and sell their products. On our site you will list an auction online and we will sell it for you. The process it's automatic and when you list an item will be automaticaly listed on hundred sites, helping your product to be more visibile on the internet. With automatic rss generators and automatic sitemap generator, it's even more easily to be viewed on search engines, and this is not all. The website it's optimized for SEO, and your title and description will be your keywords in search engines.

Registered users will have the possibillity to have their own stores for free with a maximum of two hundred listed items, and many functions like: affiliate system, setting up a discount for a period of time, auction ending reminder, online store, free online wanted ads, forum in auction listing for a better communication vith seller, and a points system to check the seller/buyer based on reputation. There are a lot of settings, but I will let you to discover. you can sell alot of articles from autos to lcd mobiles phones, electronics that culd be new or used. Registration it's free, and you will not pay any of commissions of auction ends. Join now for free and sell or buy your items with a high visibility on search engines! Many of our users have sales from first days, because we have a huge database of users that search the site evryday for new good deals.

There's also auction sites that serve as clearinghouses for information on the topic of local auctions. Although auctions online are a lot of fun, nothing beats local ones for the excitement that they bring. If you can find nice information to direct you there, I would recommend that you do that! You will have a great time, and might find a priceless antique for sale, or perhaps the perfect automobile. Nice luck, and happy hunting to you. Several types of online auctions are possible. In an English auction the initial price starts low and is bid up by successive bidders. In a Dutch auction, multiple identical items are offered in three auction, with all winning bidders paying the same price -- the highest price at which all items will be sold (treasury bills, for example, are auctioned this way). all online auctions use the English auction process.

The online auction business model is three in which participants bid for products and services over the Web. The functionality of buying and selling in an auction format is made possible through auction application which regulates the various processes involved.

In general, other auction sites are less general and all-purpose in what they offer. Nevertheless, this can make them great for positive things. For example, police auctions sites are great places to price and buy used cars. I have heard that there's even fine art online auctions where you can bid on a quantity of the most costly and exclusive work in the art world.


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