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If you have never tried woodworking, then may I suggest a very fun hobby? I believe the best part of woodworking is the self respect it brings with every project that you complete, the self accomplishment that you get from others who look up to you when they respect your work. My first project was making simple picture frames. I followed the instructions from the plans I had, and assembled the pieces as my project came together. Some of my frames still hang in my office today and that was 10 years ago. I always wanted a big screen TV, so I found the one I wanted and purchased it without even speculating the cabinet for the 55" monster. I decided to build my own cabinet. I went to several stores which sold the large bridge over type TV cabinets and found many different names. I measured and sketched several different cabinets and finally decided on the style I wanted. Now, believe me this was truly a wood plan adventure! I had never done anything like this before and I was willing to learn a few grassroots skills. I built the cabinets and shelves out of birch plywood. I learned how to make my own molding or edging what ever you want to call it for the exposed plywood edges. I never even knew that you had to edge plywood when making furniture.

What I am trying to show you is that if I can build wood projects then you can also. It takes a few basic shop supplies which I have been purchasing when ever I get extra money. Woodworking tools are like anything else you buy, commonly you pay more for better quality but if you check newspapers you sometimes can find great buys on your woodworking tools. I have recently completed my premier project, a tiki bar! My outside bar measures eight foot long by four foot wide. It has two storage cabinets behind the bar with a use shelf under the bar top. I was excited to build the bar from plans I purchased on the internet because my wife and I love the tropical Caribbean islands. Why not bring the islands to our backyard. The project was by far one of my best because I get compliments all the time like where did you get this lovely bar, and then I tell them I built it myself. If you might be interested in these plans you can purchase them from this website. This project evolved a little thinking on my part. I tried building the bar frame in my shop and found out I couldn't get it out of my basement door, dah! I ended up cutting everything and fitting it together, thank heaven I didn't glue it yet! It was a very enjoyable woodworking project!

There are so many woodworking projects that you can build, from simple starter wood projects which evolve only a few tools to more difficult projects which take days to make with many power tools. The most important thing is the satisfaction you receive from doing something with your own mind and hands. It's fairly easy to setup a work area in your basement or garage. I would suggest your first projects might be making your own woodworking bench. There are many designs that you can find with complete plans and guides to show you step by step instructions which include material needed plus tools you will need to build your work bench. Regardless of were you start, I am sure you will find woodworking as a very rewarding hobby, maybe if you really get excited a rewarding career also. I just enjoy going to my basement shop and building something I will be proud of for years to come.

Jerry Standefer is a successful marketer and energy consultant who has helped many people solve there green energy projects using wind and solar power to save money on their utility cost. Visit Jerry's energy website

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