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Psychic Helpers- Defence Against Negative Energy

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Every now and then I will get a client that complains about spirit attachments of the negative kind. Believe me they are real. This form of negative energy attempts to attach itself to you and suck on your life force. By allowing it to remain on and near you really what you are doing is offering the negative energy a free lunch. It is your life force it is after.

Yes attachments are nasty! Now I encourage you to get rid of them and here I will show you how. The negative energy has a game plan so you must have a gameplan. Be prepared to win! You have me on your side now.

Negative energy is tricky and often overwhelms us at the core of our being. It is successful in this because it attacks on many fronts. We all have, or we would not incarnate on earth, energy blocks inside of us. As we continue to grow on our spiritual journey we release more and more of this negative energy and our soul has more chance to grow and become more angelic in its inner essence because it becomes more free.

But we sometimes need helpers to achieve this inner growth. This is the case if we have negative spirit attachments on or near us. They slow down our growth and so we must remove them.

Psychic Helpers

I have assisted many negative spirit removals. As one of Australia's leading psychics and a full time professional psychic consultant my methods have worked time and time again. Here is my system in a nutshell.

Use a combination of crystals, herbs, and essentials oils to work for you. Also use spiritual prayer and a healthy lifestyle that balances mind, body, and spirit and you will triumph over the negative attachment in the end. I f you wish more information I encourage you to get in touch with me. Thank you.

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