"How To Make $20k A Month"
by Mark Sherris
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars


There are many way's to make money online, whether you're selling a gambling product through a website, selling on eBay, building down lines in network marketing or selling the latest books and products through Amazon. However the no.1 way to make $20k a month is by having your own email list.

This is a list of people who are interested in a specific niche market.

Forget selling on eBay, building down lines in network marketing or anything like that, the way I build any business online, is to build a list of subscribers in a niche market.

If you ask anybody who makes 5 figures+ a month through the internet, I can bet my left leg that 90 percent of them use an email list!

You see, the reason why so many people fail to make money online, is because they pay money to send people to a sales page, which directly tries to sell people a product! - 99 percent or more of those people will say no to that product and leave the site.

This is exactly why people go broke before they make any money!

However, if instead of sending people directly to the sales page, we sent them to a simple squeeze page which captured their name and email addresses before forwarding them to the sales page.

We would then be able to follow up with these people through email to promote our product.

On average every person on your list is worth around $1 per month. - Therefore if you have a list of 1000 people, that list is worth $1000 per month (on average) - If you treat your list well and give out valuable free information to build your relationship with your list, then 1000 people could be worth $2k or even $3k per month.

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Author: Andrew Peterson http://www.learntoplaypianonow.org

Mark Sherris

Site: http://lovemoneyhatework.com

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how to make 20k a month

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