"Chin Liposuction Using BodyTite"
by Spero Theodorou
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Double chin and sagging chin can be quite distressing, but the good news is that these flaws can be effectively removed through chin liposuction using BodyTite, the latest technological innovation. An experienced plastic surgeon can help you in this regard and make you look young and lively once again.

Chin Liposuction for Double Chin

Currently awaiting FDA approval, BodyTite is the first RFAL technology device Introduced by Invasix™. This new and advanced body contouring device uses radiofrequency energy to dissolve the fat accumulated under the chin area and provide skin firming advantages, while ensuring the patient's safety and comfort. In this procedure, the access incisions are only about 3 mm which is the diameter of the internal probe that delivers the energy.

Benefits of BodyTite

* Minimal swelling, bleeding
* Minimal scarring
* Less traumatic
* Ensures quick recovery
* Minimum discomfort and pain

The procedure can be completed in less than 45 minutes. Besides, only local anesthesia is required. You will experience far greater results than with any other traditional liposuction methods. To improve your facial contour and thereby your looks, chin liposuction can be performed in conjunction with neck lift or face lift surgery.

Make sure you have all the information you need before you decide to have chin liposuction surgery. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is also very important. During your initial consultation, the surgeon will explain the procedure in detail, along with the potential outcomes and the risk factors.

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