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The Benefits of French Press Coffee

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If you are not sure if you would like to convert to drinking French Press coffee, you may be surprised to know how delicious it is. If you've never tried any French Press style of brewing, you may only be familiar with the automatic coffee maker. Because of this fact, you absolutely must spread your wings and try a new style of coffee brewing because you could be missing out on full and fantastic flavors in your cup of Joe.

So many coffee connoisseurs prefer to use a Coffee Press because it is filterless, which will leave essential oils in the final coffee product. You will have more full and complex flavors within your cup of coffee, and it will be more fresh than you can imagine. Even if you are someone that normally likes a lighter brew of coffee, the Coffee Press would be the ideal choice for that style of a roast. As a rule of thumb, lighter roasted coffee is often preferred to exhibit clearer flavor characteristics. Many people normally love a dark roast, but a light coffee roast is not roasted for as long so you can taste unique flavors. There are many premium dark roasts available for sale, but keep in mind that some commercial companies will also dark roast beans that are of a poor quality to mask their flavors. The point of the matter is that if you want to taste the true flavor characteristics from a specific coffee growing region, light roast is the way to go.

However, if you brew your lighter roasted coffee in a regular drip brew coffee maker with a paper filter, many of the flavorful essential oils will be filtered out in the process. A Coffee Press will provide you with a different point of view because the coarse coffee grounds will be pressed to the bottom of the device, and they will be separated from your coffee product. There is no filter involved whatsoever, so if you want to truly detect the actual flavors within a specific type of coffee bean, that is the way to go. To provide an example, you could be drinking a light coffee roast for the very first time when using a French Press, and it will allow you to taste unique coffee flavor characteristics.

Last of all, please keep in mind that since a Coffee Press does not use paper filters, it is eco-friendly because you won't be throwing away filters on a daily basis. It also does not use any type of electricity, so your French Press may be something that you want to take with you when you are camping or traveling to a distant hotel. It is a common fact that hotel coffee is definitely sub par when brewed in a tiny coffee maker, so skip it altogether and use your own Coffee Press to brew delicious coffee when traveling!

Mark Ramos is a coffee geek. For a great selection in all things coffee and the Pasquini Livia 90, check out The Coffee Bump.

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