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3 Reasons Why Learning Spanish Is Important

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Why is it important to learn Spanish? Why do so many people learn Spanish? There are dozens of reasons to learn Spanish and in this article I'm going to show you three of them, which in my opinion are one of the most important ones. Here they are.
1. Economic importance
Spanish speaking countries in Latin America like Chile, Panama, Costa Rica or Venezuela are rapidly developing. Spanish is becoming more and more important business language, because a lot of Spanish businessmen don't know English well.
In the United States there are about 50 million people who speak Spanish. Knowing Spanish is especially useful in California and Florida where many Spanish speakers live.
Knowing Spanish can greatly improve your chance to get a promotion in your current job or get a new one. Especially if you live in California or Florida.
2. Spanish culture
Spanish culture is one of the most important cultures in the world. Fernando de Rojas, Miguel de Cervantes, Salvador Dalí, flamenco, tango, salsa, Pedro Almodóvar, mariachi, Pablo Picasso, tapas, paella, gazpacho, chorizo, tortilla, arroz con leche -- there are a lot of reasons to start learning Spanish!
You should also know that Spanish was the language spoken by the first permanent European settlers in North America. Spanish language is an important part of the United States history.
3. Traveling
If you want to go on a vacation to Latin America or Spain, Spanish is a must, at least some basic understanding of it. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and a total of about 410 million people speak it worldwide. Spanish-speaking world has a lot to offer! If you don't know Spanish, it's more difficult to take the full advantage of it.
Most of Spanish people don't know English so it's difficult to communicate if you leave tourist resorts. If you want to go off the beaten path, knowing Spanish is essential. Conversations with local people may be one of your best travel memories!
These are three crucial reasons why learning Spanish is important. Of course, there are a lot more reasons to do it, for example it's healthy (it exercises your brain), it has a great potential of growth (it's already the third most popular language in the world) and it's fun!

If you really want to learn Spanish click this link: Learn a New Language to download my FREE e-book, “Learn a New Language: 55 tips to help you learn a new language quickly and easily”, and get additional step-by-step lessons on how to learn a new language within the shortest time possible.

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