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Recovery Compression Suit for Athletes

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Once in a while a new product is introduced that will significantly improve the way your body recover from strenuous workouts or athletic competition. McDavid Sports Medicine announced that it's unique recovery suit is available in the consumer market. Previous recovery products have only been available for college and professional use. McDavid has taken it's compression wear technology to a whole new level with this functional product. Anytime you observe professional athletes in the media using compression or hexpad shorts, shirts or arm/leg sleeves, it'll usually be McDavid products.

The compression recovery suit was designed to be worn after grueling workouts or heavy competition. The McDavid recovery shirt and pants utilize TRUE compression to improve blood circulation and reduce the amount of lactic acid buildup in the muscles which promotes faster plus much more complete recovery of torn and damaged muscle tissue.

The McDavid recovery suit targets large muscle groups to enhance fast recovery, while reducing pressure around the shoulders,back, knees, shin and groin area allowing comfort and movement during recovery.The suit is designed to reduce stitches at inner thigh and sides for full range of motion and eliminating hot spots. A spandex elastic waistband and hemmed leg preovide comfort plus a firm fit. The shirt and pants can be purchased individually.

The bottom line is that a recovery suit will keep swelling down, rejuvenate your whole body and promote fast recovery.If you're a serious athlete or take part in serious workouts or boot camps the revolutionary high tech recovery shirt and pants certainly are a must.

Bruce is an 60 year old author and entrepreneur who loves to compete in athletics. He is still active thanks to modern sports medicine and rehabilitation. If you would like to review information about the topic reviewed visit

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